Halo Infinite Tenrai Event: Free Event Returns to the Game

  • Dan Kay
Halo Infinite Tenrai Free Event

Fans of the latest instalment from the franchise are sinking their teeth into the samurai-inspired event known as Tenrai once again.

This is the fifth (non-consecutive) week that the free Tenrai event has graced players’ screens and it’s just the ticket needed to get hyped for Season 2.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite is planned to kick off on Tuesday May 3rd 2022 meaning gamers have just over a month to get some practice in ready for launch.

Halo Infinite Tenrai Free Event Gameplay

The dates for the free Tenrai event are Tuesday March 29th 2022 to Monday April 4th 2022 and then again on Tuesday April 19th 2022 to Monday April 25 2022, leaving just enough time for players to get ready and hyped up for the release of Season 2.

It’s unknown if any more free events will fill those blank spaces between or after the events, but either way, it’s looking like it’s a good time to be playing Halo Infinite.

There is a total of 30 levels in the Tenrai event pass, with each one granting the player cosmetics as they progress through. It’s important to note that all cosmetics for Spartan cores are only available for the Yoroi core and not the Mark V (B) and Mark VII.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Tenrai

The cosmetics up for grabs can be earned by playing the event playlist; Fracture: Tenrai – Fiesta. Here are the challenges you must complete to progress through the event pass:

  • Complete (2) Fiesta Matches
  • Earn (1) Double Kill in Fiesta
  • Complete (4) Fiesta PvP Matches
  • Win (1) Fiesta Matches
  • Kill (10) Enemy Spartans in Fiesta Matches
  • Kill (10) Enemy Spartans with a Headshot in Fiesta PvP
  • Earn (10) Assists in Fiesta Matches
  • Earn (20) Assists in Fiesta PvP Matches
  • Win (2) Fiesta Matches
  • Complete (6) Fiesta PvP Matches

As you complete each challenge you progress through the event pass, level by level. This specific event pass is until April 4th, but don’t worry, the free Tenrai event will return once more before Season 2 is released to make sure you have everything unlocked that you want for your samurai spartan!

Now with that being said, each event comes with ten challenges, meaning that ten levels can be unlocked within the event pass.

This means that if you haven’t already started completing those challenges, there’s no time like the present!

It is also worth mentioning that items that revolve around the Tenrai event can also be found in the store. These range from unique armour paint coatings to armour attachments meaning that you can stand out from the rest.

So, make sure to get playing the free Tenrai event to get everything you need for the next season of Halo Infinite!

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