Halo Infinite Ranked Has a New Way to Combat Cheating

  • Dan Kay
Halo Infinite is expected to be released before the end of 2021.

In an anti-cheat blog post, 343 Industries revealed that players will have to play casual games before they can play ranked. It’s their latest way to combat cheaters in the mode, with the help of their anti-cheat software: Arbiter.

Any fan of Halo Infinite will tell you that there is a clear difference in playstyles when in ranked compared to playing casually. The tactics feel tighter, the maps feel smaller, and the action feels more intense. But now 343 is making it so that fans will have to play casual games before they can play ranked.

Behind the scenes, 343 Industries are working hard to combat cheaters in the game. One way they are doing this is by increasing friction between getting banned and making a new account. With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer being free to play, players can easily just create a free new account to play on which makes this one of the biggest issues that requires attention.

Halo Anti-Cheat System

Not much is known about Halo Infinite’s anti-cheat system except its name. Well, it turns out this was an intentional move by 343 and a smart one at that. In the anti-cheat blog post, they mention:

“We haven’t discussed Arbiter or anti-cheat much publicly before this for one major reason: the more detail we provide about its systems and how it works, the more information we are directly providing to cheat developers and cheat users. We want to keep as much secret as possible, for as long as possible.”

It makes clear sense for 343 to not speak much on their anti-cheat. After all, why would a magician reveal the secret to his greatest trick? Nevertheless, 343 Industries clearly has a focus on combatting cheaters in Halo Infinite to make the game as pure and fun as possible.

“We are committed to continuously improving our anti-cheat systems and strategies. We added a few improvements in our mid-season update and we will drop updates to address cheating as soon as they become available (rather than waiting for another large patch to ship with).”

While 343 Industries may keep quiet about it the Arbiter anti-cheat system in general, they do provide updates when they can and will continue to in the future. Meaning that Halo fans and gamers can rest easy knowing that the issue is being dealt with and that more updates are on the way.

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