Mobile Legends Tier List 2022

Mobile Legends Tier List

Mobile Legends is a hugely popular mobile title that has been around for over five years, but what are the best characters to use in the game?

The mobile title has over 100 unique characters for players to choose from, so it is worth knowing who is the best brawler for selection in 2022.

As with pretty much all brawler-like titles, Mobile Legends has characters that work better in the meta than others.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Tier List for Mobile Legends in 2022, including the best in class for Tank, Fighter, Marksmen and more.

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Mobile Legends Characters

Mobile Legends Tier List

Here is our current tier list for Mobile Legends as of writing on Thursday 31st March 2022, these are all sorted alphabetically:

Assassin Tier List

  • S – Aamon, Ling, Saber, Wukong
  • A – Alucard, Fanny, Gusion, Hanzo, Harley, Haybusa, Yin, Yi Sun-Shin
  • B – Benedetta, Kadita, Karina, Lancelot, Natalia 
  • C – Helcurt
  • D – Lesley, Selena
Mobile Legends Aamon

Fighter Tier List

  • S – Khaleed, Layla, Paquito, Yu Zhong 
  • A – Aulus, Chou, Gatotkaca, Guinevere, Hayabusa, Jawhead, Roger, Sun, X.Borg, Zilong
  • B – Alpha, Alucard, ArguBadang, Bane, Freya, Hilda, Lapu-Lapu, Martis, Ruby, Thamuz, Terizla
  • C – Barats, Balmond, Dyrroth, Leomord, Minsitthar, Silvanna
  • D – Aldous, Kaja
Mobile Legends Khaleed

Mage Tier List

  • S – Eudora, Harley, Kagura, Lylia, Valentina
  • A – Alice, Cecilion, Chang’e, Cyclops, Esmeralda, Gord, Lunox, Odette, Pharsa, Vale, Xavier, Yin, Yve, 
  • B – Aurora, Faramis, Harith, Kadita, Kimmy, Luo Yi, Selena, Valir, Zhask 
  • C – Angela
  • D – Diggie, Estes, Nana, Vexana
Mobile Legends Eudora

Marksman Tier List

  • S – Edith, Granger, Layla, Melissa, Natan, Roger 
  • A – Brody, Bruno, Lesley, Popol & Kupa, Yi-Sun-Shin
  • B – Beatrix, Claude, Karrie, Moskov
  • C – Clint, Hanabi, Kimmy, Wanwan
  • D – Irithel, Miya
Mobile Legends Edith

Support Tier List

  • S – Mathilda
  • A –  Diggie, Lolita, Minotaur
  • B – Angela, Carmilla, Nana
  • C – Kaja Rafaela
  • D – Estes
Mobile Legends Mathilda

Tank Tier List

  • S – Grock, Tigreal
  • A – Akai, Alice, Atlas, Edith, Esmeralda, Gatotkaca, Gloo, Hylos, Johnson, Minotaur, Uranus
  • B – Balmond, Baxia, Franco, Hilda, Khufra, Lolita
  • C – Barats
  • D – Belerick, Ruby
Mobile Legends Grock

It’s likely that these will change throughout the lifecycle of the game as the developers add bug fixes, patches and other implementations!

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