Halo Infinite Multiplayer: Best Weapons Ranked

  • Dan Kay
Halo Infinite Weapon display gameplay

With Halo Infinite’s Tenrai event here once again, we have revealed which weapons are the best for ranking up their score.

Since its release in November 2021, Halo Infinite has taken the FPS genre by storm. It has competed with huge games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, and has arguably come out on top. Not only are the maps expansive and the game modes very fun, but the weapon variety has really given players a hard choice.

Some prefer the classic MA40 Assault Rifle, whereas some opt to take the Covenant Needler to battle. Either way, Halo Infinite has a wide array of weapons for every type of skirmish a spartan might find themselves in.

Halo Infinite gameplay image

We’ve made a top 10 of the best weapons to use in Halo Infinite, factoring in things like kill potential and the overall feel of the weapon.

Top 10 Weapons in Halo Infinite Multiplayer

It is hard to work out which weapon is the best for racking up kills and winning games as there is a lot to consider.

Halo Infinite’s maps vary in size with some being small, like Aquarius, whilst some have wide open spaces, like Behemoth. It not only depends on the map size, but also the player. Here is our list ranking the top 10 weapons in Halo Infinite Multiplayer at this current time.

This list was created on Friday 1st April 2022.

10: Plasma Pistol

Halo Infinite Plasma Pistol

An iconic weapon of choice is the Plasma Pistol that fires energy projectiles. Starting at 100% and eating 1% energy with every shot, the Plasma Pistol is one which you need to master to fulfil its potential.

If you hold the fire button, the weapon will charge up and release a larger ball of energy. This takes up 8% energy from the weapon and will instantly kill an enemy if directly impacting them.

9. Pulse Carbine

Halo Infinite Pulse Carbine

The pulse carbine is a three round burst energy weapon. Although it may be a weaker weapon compared to others such as the VK78 Commando, it makes up for it with it’s burst fire. A few direct hits, and you can say goodbye to your enemies.

8. Shock Rifle

Halo Infinite Shock Rifle

The shock rifle is a peculiar weapon. Whilst it has it’s uses against vehicles, it’s not so effective against players. If you can land a headshot then your enemy is done for and can take an enemy out with around 2-3 shots.

Where it really shines though is when dealing with vehicles. The gun sends an electric shock out, disabling vehicles if they are hit. This makes it especially handy for Banshees and Wasps as it sends them hurtling to the ground.

7. S7 Sniper

Halo Infinite S7 Sniper

The S7 Sniper is usually the long range weapon of choice for players. It’s a hard hitting semi-automatic weapon which will take a shielded enemy out in two direct hits. Alternatively, if you can land a headshot it’s an instant kill.

6. MLRS-2 Hydra

Halo Infinite Hydra

The Hydra is essentially the M41 SPNKR’s little sibling. It’s a projectile launching weapon but instead of firing explosives, it fires spear like projectiles.

It has two modes, free fire and lock-on. The free fire mode fires the projectile in a linear line making it useful for vehicles. The lock-on mode will lock onto a target and directly hit them so long as not obstructed.

5. VK78 Commando

Halo Infinite VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando is an interesting weapon to say the least. In skilled hands, it’s a killing machine. In not-so-skilled hands, not so much. The weapon has fierce recoil and a slow fire rate but don’t let that put you off. It’s a high damage, instant killer if you can land a headshot, that is.

4. BR75 Battle Rifle

Halo Infinite BR75 Battle Rifle

The BR75 is a three round burst accurate machine rifle. It’s able to take out a shielded spartan with only four bursts to the body and it has barely any recoil. It’s a weapon to always pick up if you have the chance.

3. CQS48 Bulldog

Halo Infinite Bulldog

The CQS48 Bulldog shotgun was once at the centre of controversy due to its weakness; however, it was buffed and is now a fan favourite for players. It fires out 12 gauge shots with a pump action dealing hard damage to anyone in the area.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not a weapon to pick for medium to far range. If you’re close quarters and have this at hand, it’s game over for your enemies.

2. Cindershot

Halo Infinite Cindershot

The Cindershot is a six round explosive launcher. It fires plasma-like balls of energy that can bounce off walls before exploding. It’s a one hit kill if it hits a target and also deals splash damage to others in the immediate area.

You have to be careful if you miss your shot, as there’s a chance that the explosive is bouncing right back towards you!

1. Needler

Halo Infinite Needler

The Needler is a staple among the Halo franchise. It’s gone through several redesigns but had a very similar shooting feel throughout. When fired, the needles will follow enemies through the air unless obstructed, meaning that if you’ve a clear line of sight then your enemies will be on the floor before they know what hit them.

Well, we counted down our top 10, but we’re not quite done. We now have three weapons that have no contest in battle. We’ve picked the ones above that can sometimes be the obvious choices to pick or avoid in a firefight. With that being said, our next 3 weapons are synonymous with gamers in how they are quite possibly the best weapons to choose if you can get your hands on them.

Fan Favourite Picks

3. Gravity Hammer

Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is synonymous with Halo fans worldwide. It’s a behemoth of a weapon in both size and power. Whilst it may take a second or 2 to swing, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

It offers an instant kill if directly impacting an enemy or their surrounding area as well as splash damage to those in proximity. It is also a strong rival to ground vehicles, killing or disabling them in one swing.

2. Energy Sword

Halo Infinite Energy Sword

The energy sword is the most memorable weapon from the Halo franchise. It’s one of 2 melee weapons in the game that deals a heavy amount of damage. It has a lunge mechanic meaning that if you’re a small distance away from a player, your spartan will lunge forward and go in for the kill. It offers an instant kill, and this makes it one of the most devastating close range weapons in the game.

Be warned, if the enemy also has an energy sword, then it will take two-three hits to kill them as the blades parry off each other unless hit from behind or above.

1. M41 SPNKR

Halo Infinite SPNKR

Our top pick of fan favourites is the M41 SPNKR. It’s the Rocker Launcher in Halo Infinite, meaning it does what it says on the tin. It fires explosive projectiles in a linear path with an instant kill if directly impacting an enemy or hitting their surrounding area.

One thing to keep in mind is that the projectile travels slower than bullets, so if you’re hoping to hit a moving target, aim for where they will be and not where they are.

From long range snipers to close range pistols, Halo Infinite has something to suit every play style. Which is your favourite from our list?

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