Funniest cricket groin shot? Commentators go viral for reaction to batsman getting hit

The European Cricket series continues to provide us with hilarious moments that village cricketers can relate too.

During this funny clip, Shaikat of the Indian Royals hits the ball into the leg-side and the fielder mis-fields it.

The batsmen then scamper through for a third run, the throw comes in, bounces off the turf and hits the batter in a very unfortunate part of the body.

The commentators burst into fits of laughter and their reactions make the clip even funnier.

Struggling to contain himself, one of the commentators says: “Ohh, he’s taken it in the gonads.”

The footage then cuts to the two commentators for a replay of their reactions when the moment happened and their reactions are brilliant.

“He’s having the worst game of his life. I’m done! That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!

“He runs 66 yards and here’s his reward”

The commentators are still laughing about the moment two minutes later, struggling to contain themselves and finding it difficult to concentrate on the match.

It is reminiscent of when Alex Hales got struck in the groin twice by Reece Topley during last year’s match between Trent Rockets and Oval Invincibles in the Hundred competition.

To make matters worse, the unfortunate batsman skies the next delivery into the air and is caught by a fielder.

Brothers XI Portugal went on to win the game via the D/L method so it wasn’t a very good day at the office for Shaikat and the Indian Royals.

The European Cricket series contains a number of different sides from around Europe taking part in a 10-over a side tournament.

The competition was created to help make cricket more popular in Europe and to widen the global reach of fans for the sport.

Portugal is the host of the latest event and the final is on April 9 – before the next edition of the tournament in the Netherlands gets underway.

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