WrestleMania: Logan Paul did Eddie Guerrero's three amigos move on Rey Mysterio

Logan Paul went full Logan Paul last night as he hit Rey Mysterio with the wrestling move made famous by his close friend and former wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who died in 2005.

Paul perfectly executed the three amigos, but not before looking down the camera and shouting: “Watch this!”

He also hit Mysterio with a leapfrog splash, one of the 47-year-old’s most iconic moves.

It was his WWE in-ring debut last night at WrestleMania, teaming up with The Miz to take on Rey and Dominik in a tag-team match, which they won.

The commentators can be heard saying: “How can you not be impressed with his performance,” before realising he was attempting the three amigos.

“Oh wow. The disrespect continues. Adding insult to injury.”

The boos from the packed stadium didn’t bother Paul either, and he impressed on his debut and embarrassed both Mysterios with his unique showmanship, especially Dominik – Rey’s son.

The YouTuber wasn’t the only one dishing out the iconic wrestling moves, however, being on the receiving end of double 619 – another one of Mysterio’s most iconic moves.

Paul’s display shouldn’t come as a surprise. Not only did he look in great shape, but he’s got a wrestling background, and he also tried his hand at boxing, taking on KSI and Floyd Mayweather.

The 27-year-old didn’t look out of place among the wresting elite on display, and given the fact he immediately called out his tag-team partner who betrayed him just seconds after the match, he could be perfect for the sport.

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