Stone Cold: The Rock would be proud of how Byron Saxton sold the Stunner at WrestleMania

Stone Cold Steve Austin rolled back the years last night at WrestleMania 38 and was hitting Stunners left, right and centre on Kevin Owens and commentator Byron Saxton.

It was the Stunner on the latter, however, that received most of the love, mainly because of how Saxton sold the finishing move.

Seriously, The Rock would have been proud of how he reacted.

The Texas Rattlesnake cracked open a lager with Saxton during his post-match celebrations, only to then perform his iconic finishing move on the commentator, sending him bouncing in the ring.

The crowd and co-commentators absolutely loved, possibly, Austin’s last Stunner in wrestling history.

Austin was only supposed to be a guest on the KO Show, but he was challenged by the host to a No Holds Barred match, which he happily accepted.

The six-time world champion could not resist fighting on his home turf in Austin, Texas.

Austin looked to be on the verge of defeat, before evading a steel chair shot from Owens and finishing the match with a Stunner.

He then celebrated by downing a beer with Owens before he hit the 37-year-old with yet another Stunner.

That’s when Saxton was invited into the ring to then be tricked the same way Owens was, hit with the Stone Cold Stunner while drinking a beer.

It will most likely be Austin’s last performance inside a WWE ring; the 57-year-old had initially retired in 2003 due to unfortunate injuries to his knee and a life-threatening blow to his neck.

Austin broke his neck after a Piledriver was performed by Owen Hart. He suffered temporary paralysis and had to retire from wrestling after constant problems with his neck.

That’s what makes his comeback even more sweet, a much-loved anti-hero wrestler who nearly lost his life performing the dangerous moves.

Austin showed his appreciation to the crowd after his one-match comeback, saying: “It was an honour to be here on such a stacked card with so many great matches.

“You just love the crowd and the buys before me had so many great matches and it’s really hard to follow that. 

“But you love and die by that crowd.”

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