Stone Cold's hilarious reaction to Vince McMahon's sell of the Stunner at WrestleMania 38

The surprise appearance of Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin delivered another classic WrestleMania moment.

Despite McMahon now being 76 years old, Austin had no issue with giving his old enemy another Stone Cold Stunner, but boy it didn’t go down smoothly, leading to mass hysterics within the WWE Universe.

It all started when Pat McAfee called out McMahon, who was ringside, which led to him ripping off his suit, revealing his iconic vest underneath.

Vince McMahon hadn’t won in all four previous attempts at this event, but with some interfering, the WWE chairman managed to end the losing streak.

With McMahon finally getting this victory, which has taken him around two decades, you would think that it would be time for him to celebrate.

That was what appeared to be happening as well, as his former rival shared a drink with McMahon in the ring.

What could possibly go wrong?

Mid-way through their refreshments, Austin kicked out at McMahon, forcing him to fall onto his knees, which probably wasn’t meant to happen…

The 76-year-old got back to his feet and stumbled backwards, unable to regain his balance. Eventually, Austin stunned McMahon leaving him flat on the canvas.

It’s safe to say the finishing move was botched, and even The Rattlesnake couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Not everyone was impressed by the altercation, though, as some people labelled it as ‘embarrassing.’

The fall from McMahon wasn’t convincing in the slightest, but could you expect much more from a 76-year-old man who hasn’t fought in 12 years?

One fan tweeted that ‘Vince should fire himself for that sell’ and another said that ‘Vince could never take the stunner correctly.’

However, a lot of people still enjoyed it, probably because of the nostalgia, but it got people excited which was the main point of it.

One fan tweeted ‘I know he sold that terribly, but I was still enjoying every minute of it’ and another said it was ‘probably the funniest WrestleMania moment ever.’

Whatever anyone thought of it, you can’t deny that it was a massive moment in the story of these two and will definitely be remembered for years to come for the good, and bad, sides to it.

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