Cody Rhodes gets emotional when speaking about his WrestleMania interaction with Triple H

Cody Rhodes WWE

At WWE WrestleMania 38 night one, Cody Rhodes made his highly-anticipated return to the company to face, and subsequently defeat, Seth Rollins.

Less than 24 hours after his return, WWE had Cody Rhodes take part in a press conference with members of the media in Dallas.

During the conference, Cody spoke about his interaction with Triple H backstage before he wrestled Seth, and got quite emotional while doing so.

Cody and Triple H have had a storied past, with Rhodes taking several shots at ‘The Game’ during his time with AEW.

However, Cody has always said that HHH is his favourite wrestler, and that was evidenced by how he spoke about him yesterday.

As can be seen above, Cody started to choke up when speaking about his interaction with Triple H before his match on the show.

Cody told talkSPORT all about it, explaining that Hunter was the last person to come to his trailer before his match with Rollins, getting emotional in the process.

We did speak, and I think Triple H did it in such a Triple H fashion. Everybody had come on the bus to say hello, to talk a little bit about what may happen – the very last one was Triple H and, ooo…

Considering that Triple H has been through since last summer, with the former WWE Champion nearly dying due to heart issues, Cody said it was great to see his idol healthy.

That was a really… Jeez, this has been a wild, tear-filled weekend but that was just a good moment. Also to see him healthy. I know retirement came as it did, but to be able to do him justice; not only to see my favourite wrestler that I wanted to model so many things after, but Seth being his protege.

Cody went on to speak about his history with HHH, saying that while he may have been angry before, he has no reason to be now.

“Especially, you’ve got to put it in perspective as many of you know, I talked a lot of smack. I destroyed his throne.”

I was very loud and vociferous and very angry. I was just angry. And that moment [with Triple H] there was no anger, because why would I be angry?

Cody Rhodes is set to appear on Monday Night Raw tonight, cutting a promo for the first time on TV since making his sensational return to WWE.

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