Seth Rollins takes brutal shot at other promotions after Cody Rhodes WWE return

  • Ash Rose

Seth Rollins has commented on Cody Rhodes‘ return to WWE as his opponent at WrestleMania on Saturday night. 

Rhodes made his triumphant comeback to WWE on WrestleMania Saturday, six years after leaving the company, as Vince McMahon’s chosen opponent for Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins. Entering to a thunderous ovation inside the AT&T Stadium and getting the win over The Visionary. 

Cody is the first big superstar to make the move from AEW to WWE and speaking to Gorilla Position after last night’s Monday Night Raw, Rollins says that if you want to perform on the biggest stage in wrestling then you have to be in WWE.

This is the premiere professional wrestling company on the planet. I know, don’t say ‘professional wrestling’ but look, it doesn’t matter. We have the best in the world and now we have Cody Rhodes on top of that, and he is joining that club. So, if you want to be the best don’t go play rinky-dink, come here, do your thing here, we are the best. Top notch across the board.

“And I’m not taking anything away from anyone who’s doing anything else, do you what you do, but this is where you are the best. This is where you find out if you can hack it on the top, top level.” 

Rollins and Rhodes put on one of the matches of the weekend on what was an impressive WrestleMania for WWE, and even in defeat the 35-year-old admits that seeing The American Nightmare in WWE will go down as a special WrestleMania moment- even if he was on the losing end of the match. 

It was certainly a moment that will live in time, in the history of this industry, but I lost. Losing at WrestleMania is not fun. I’ve been on the losing side of things at WrestleMania, and I’ve been on the winning side as well, and losing sucks. The moment will live forever, though, that’s what I have to remember. It was very cool to see the reaction and in many ways I was happy for him.

Cody Rhodes opened Monday Night Raw last night, giving an emotional promo where he declared that it was his sole intention now he’s back in WWE, is to win the WWE Championship for him and his family. His words prompted Rollins to come out at the end of the segment and shake the hand of his WrestleMania opponent leaving the door open for the angle to continue between the two superstars. 

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