Vince McMahon: WWE's perfect edit of awful WrestleMania Stone Cold Stunner made it look good

Vince McMahon WWE

At WWE WrestleMania 38, Vince McMahon wrestled his first match since 2012 when he defeated Pat McAfee.

The match wasn’t announced beforehand by WWE, and was only booked after McAfee had defeated Austin Theory in singles competition.

The segment didn’t end with McMahon on top though, as the WWE Chairman ate a Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin.

McMahon has taken the Stunner several times in his career, but things didn’t exactly go to plan when he was hit with the move on Sunday night.

McMahon’s legs appeared to give way several times during the spot, meaning that Vince, who turns 77 later this year, ended up having one of the worst sells of the Stunner ever.

In fact, the sell was so bad that WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin was visibly seen laughing after hitting his former boss with the move.

Fans wondered how WWE was going to recap segment on WWE Raw last night, which was one of the biggest talking points coming out of WrestleMania, without exposing the botched spot.

And to their credit, WWE did a fantastic job with it, with the following clip being shown during a package on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Thanks to some editing trickery and some fortunate angles, WWE was able to make it out like Austin hit a decent stunner on Vince, who sold the move well, when this really wasn’t the case.

In fact, one Twitter user even joked that the editor who put the clip together should be given a pay rise considering how bad the spot was, and how good they made it look.

Ultimately, it doesn’t seem like the failed spot made too much difference, as Vince McMahon was reportedly laughing backstage about the incident and was in good spirits.

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