Paddy Pimblett has put on big amount of weight since UFC London

Paddy the Baddy has become a viral sensational in the matter of a few months and has taken to YouTube to share his day-to-day life, and his channel is very popular among viewers.

His exciting fighting style combined with his charm and charisma has seen him become a household name after a mere two fights. It was clear there were fans in attendance purely to watch Paddy perform.

The Liverpudlian UFC star seems to be living his best life following his recent win, whilst also rehabbing a knee injury sustained during training.

In his recent video, he kicks off by proudly detailing his 10,600-calorie eating binge from the night before.

“We went to Cafe No. 9, the Laffey wrap comes with salt and pepper chicken, bacon, cheese, wrapped, with spicy mayo. And that comes with its own chips, them chips got their own mayo. And we ordered salt and pepper chicken loaded fries, cheesy chips with salt and pepper chicken on them. I also ordered some halloumi fries, ate all of them, and finished their pasta off.

“Got home, had a 240 gram pack of chocolate buttons, that’s like 11,000 calories,” he continued. “Then I had two Wispa Golds, a can of coke, then we went at Nando’s. We had the hummus between us, I had ten BBQ wings to me self, a garlic bread, a rice, a chips, and half a chicken. I got home and had two of those daisy donuts, Joe’s made me loads of red velvet cookies, I had two of them. And obviously I had drinks.”

Following his list of food he had consumed the previous night, he stepped on the scales to reveal a weight of 202lbs – 47lbs higher than what he weighed in at his latest UFC meeting.

It has been revealed that he has put on three stone following his UFC London bout just two weeks ago, where at the time he weighed in at 155lbs.

Normally known as Paddy the Baddy, he has given himself the nickname Paddy the Fatty after being notorious for his post-fight binge of food.

Many critics have wondered whether it is the correct decision to continue being so abusive to your own body when you are the UFC’s hottest lightweight up-and-comer.

Saying this, Paddy doesn’t seem to be one to listen to critics or any advice and will most likely continue as he means to go on.

As entertaining as it is to the viewers in the meantime, it is far from productive as he must have to spend weeks getting himself back into fighting shape prior to his fights.

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