Longest throw-in ever? Godmanchester Rovers player's effort goes viral

When the topic of throw-ins in football comes up, the name Rory Delap instantly springs to mind for most lovers of the sport.

The Irish midfielder is something of a Premier League legend due to his uncanny ability to launch a football an insanely long distance from the touchline.

Delap’s throw-ins were one of Stoke City’s key weapons during the Tony Pulis era and they scored a heck of a lot of goals from them – particularly against Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal side.

For years, we’ve been searching to find a footballer capable of being the heir to Delap’s set-piece throne – and a suitable candidate appears to have been found in Cambridgeshire.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jason Kissi of Godmanchester Rovers, who play in the United Counties League Premier Division South (the ninth-tier of English football).

A video of Kissi producing a throw Delap himself would struggle to replicate has gone viral on social media, with the brilliant footage captured by Twitter user Josh Lewis.

Check it out here…

Video: Have we found the new Delap?

Wow. Kissi can throw a football further than most of us mere mortals can kick it, absolutely extraordinary stuff.

From his Twitter account, Kissi hinted that he can actually take an even better throw-in than the superhuman-like one in the video above.

He wrote in reply to a fan on Twitter: “Depends what mood i’m in mate, this one was just a small casual one.”

Okay, we need to see just how far the lad can throw a football if he’s putting 100% to it, as we could be talking about a Guinness World Record here.

Remember the name, Jason Kissi.

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