Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre: Six feuds WWE could book after WrestleMania 38

  • Ash Rose

WrestleMania is already in the history books, but fans are already looking to what’s to come from WWE

The Raw after WrestleMania failed to give us many clues to what plans there are ahead for WWE’s biggest prizes nor who will be next in line for Roman Reigns and his new shiny Undisputed Title. 

GiveMeSport looks at six matches WWE should look to book ahead of WrestleMania Backlash next month and beyond… 

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley 

Many fans expected to see Bayley make her return to from injury on Monday Night Raw, but Bianca’s post WrestleMania promo remained uninterrupted and fell flat to a WWE audience expecting much more. Various reports have stated that Bayley is now ready to return following her lay off and it would make perfect sense to let normal service resume, placing her back exactly where she was last summer and challenging Bianca for a WWE title. That feud got cut-short, but the enforced break will have the unique twist of going back to programme that never got its final blow-off but still feeling fresh because we haven’t seen Bayley for so long. Her status as a free agent also means she’d be easy to slot in as new blood on Monday nights. 

Ricochet vs. Sheamus 

It was disappointing to see the Intercontinental Championship not defended across WrestleMania, but there’s a chance to put the spotlight on it again if the story is done right. Ricochet is said to be currently seen as the number two babyface on SmackDown, so it’s about time he had the TV time and angle to prove it. The best way would be to tell the story of Sheamus’ quest to finally win the only WWE crown he’s never been able to capture and that’s the IC strap. It would continue to give minutes to Ridge Holland and Butch on Friday nights and propel Ricochet back into a meaty programme that his WWE career has constantly lacked over the years. 

Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan

It’s time for a turn for Rhea Ripley. It’s usually fans go to option when it comes to talent who seem to have come to the end of the road on TV, but in Ripley’s case it would something we’ve not really seen on the main roster. Since transitioning to Monday Night Raw, Ripley has only really leaned into a heel persona, during her programme with Asuka around WrestleMania last year. Doing a fully-fledged heel turn now, against a fans favourite like Liv Morgan with give Rhea some fresh impetuous and possibly then set her up to rival Bianca Belair for the gold – something else we haven’t seen on the main roster, too. Add in the rumour that she’s also being talked about as an option for Edge’s new group, a switch to the dark side could be just what Ripley needs right now. 

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Kevin Owens 

Owens and Cody met in a dark match this week on Raw and it could be a fun feud to kick-off Cody’s comeback in WWE, with Owens stock never higher thanks to his WrestleMania shenanigans with Steve Austin. Seth Rollins seems to be also in the picture, and may have unfinished business with The American Nightmare following his WrestleMania defeat to Cody – so why not throw them all in for a three-way dance? There’s already the added bonus of Rollins and Owens recent alliance to add into the mix too, and it could serve as good way of not throwing Rhodes straight into an unclear title mix, headed-up by a champion who looks unlikely to be beaten any time soon. 

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

Without knowing what WWE’s plan is for their world titles and whether they are keeping with one champion for the time being, makes it hard to suggest where next for the all-conquering Roman Reigns. Given he is champion of both brands then there are a number of options across Raw and SmackDown that WWE could go with, but the most obvious seems to be Drew. Having finally put his rivalry with Happy Corbin to bed at WrestleMania, it feels like the right time to have The Scottish Warrior back in the title mix and he and Roman have avoided each other long enough to make it feel a big deal. However, the glass ceiling that Reigns now is makes it difficult to keep McIntyre strong post a feud with The Tribal Chief, if (and it’s probably unlikely at this stage) Drew isn’t the guy to finally beat the current champ. 

Austin Theory vs. Finn Balor

This is a match we’ve seen a few times already on Raw, but it’s time to press the trigger on Theory once again and give the man some gold. We saw the two singles guys again cross paths this week during a tag team bout and logic suggests they are going to go to a blow-off at some point with the US Championship on the line. It’s a shame for Finn, who once again seems to be stuck in the same holding pattern on the main roster as he was before his previous dalliance back on NXT, but the future stock is very much invested in Austin and this would another step in solidifying that status. 

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