Paul Scholes: Man United legend's insane passing range captured in video

Paul Scholes has always been famous for his world renowned passing ability.

The midfield maestro, who spent 20-years at the heart of the Manchester United team, is widely regarded to be one of the greatest footballers in Premier League history.

Upon his retirement in 2013, the plaudits rumbled in with their glossy quotes as they rightfully do for all Premier League legends, and the one thing that always stuck out about Scholes was his surreal ability to pass a football.

Scholes’ passing ability

As Ian Holloway said: “When he passes a ball, it stays passed. It goes exactly where he wants it to.”

And the stats back that up. In 2012, Scholes recorded a passing accuracy in the Premier League of 92.5%, which considering he averaged 9.9 accurate long balls per game is a pretty outrageous stat for a central-midfielder.

It ranked him second overall in the standings for the season, behind only Leon Britton of Swansea City, although, the Welshman averaged less than half the number of successful long balls completed.

Which is where Scholes really excelled, as shown in this video posted on Twitter which has got fans purring over the Englishman’s passing range.

Fan reaction

It’s fair to say people have been going wild in the comments for their old hero.

One fan tweeted: “Wonderful player, plus the best finisher at the most dominant club in the Premier League era. Such an underrated player even with accolades from Xavi and Iniesta. How the England team was not built around him in his prime is a crime.”

Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes

You can’t help when watching but feel like it perfectly details everything the current Manchester United team lack in the middle of the park, as summed up by another fan…

“We are sorely missing a player who can do this, we just don’t have a box-to-box player that has this in their toolbox.”

Career achievements

It’s always nice to look back and remember a legend, especially one who could ping a ball like Scholes and played his entire career with one club.

Across his 20-year spell with Manchester United, Scholes racked up an almighty trophy haul of 25 major honours, 11 of which were Premier League titles, giving him more than any other English player.

Sir Alex Ferguson branded him the “perfect player” and well, you can’t really get any higher accolade than that.

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