McGregor, Diaz, Usman, Ngannou, Jones: UFC fan names biggest draws right now

The UFC has seen an unprecedented rise in recent years.

When Dana White bought the company back in 2001, not even he could’ve envisioned the turn around in fortune it was about to experience.

The mainstream media seems to have gravitated towards the star power brought by certain fighters in the UFC and it’s become a stage for some of the world’s greatest athletes to showcase their skill.

The debate often goes on about which UFC fighters are the greatest in their weight class. Many people talk about the ability of fighters and how they match up against the current crop as well as legends of the past, but one alternate factor that contributes to the success is how much money a performer is able to bring in.

To capture the attention of new viewers, a huge personality is needed. Fighters need to have something about them which makes them unmissable, even to people who may never have come across the UFC before.

They could be bold and confident outside the Octagon or have an explosive, new brand of combat in the cage. A user on Twitter (@SoldierOfRomero) has given their subjective take on the biggest draws in MMA right now.

The lowest on the list is Dustin Poirier, who, as of the time of writing, is ranked #2 in the lightweight division and #8 in the overall men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

The second lowest, at number nine, is Jon Jones. This could come as a surprise since he’s quite a notable name, but with a lengthy spell outside the Octagon, only competing once since the start of 2020, as well as a controversial reputation away from the action, his star value may have faded.

More towards the middle of the list we find Israel Adesanya. He comes in at number six and is a shining example of how you don’t always need an overbearing personality to become a megastar. He has an attractive and completely unique style of fighting which draws people in who perhaps have only seen clips of his explosive offence.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 06: Israel Adesanya makes his way to the Octagon for the Middleweight title bout during UFC 243 at Marvel Stadium on October 06, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Darrian Traynor/Getty Images)

This can be directly contrasted with the entry just above Adesanya, Jorge Masvidal, who is a showboat. He has the look of a star and the memorable moments to go along with it. Anyone with a vague interest in combat sports has likely seen his incredible knockout of Ben Askren which increased his popularity greatly.

At the top of the list we find Conor McGregor. It’s hard to argue with this one.

Perhaps the biggest star the UFC has produced, particularly in the main stream with crossovers into boxing too.

He’s known among different generations and is a household name. He owns his own brand of whiskey and has an in your face personality which can’t be mistaken.

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