Halo Infinite Battle Royale Mode: “Last Spartan Standing” Game Mode Leaked

  • Dan Kay
Halo Infinite

Brand new details regarding a game mode for Halo Infinite have just been leaked on Twitter, and it sounds like it’s what players have been begging for.

Since its multiplayer beta, Halo Infinite fans have been questioning where the battle royale mode for the game is and if it will even get one. With other best seller franchises such as Fortnite and Call of Duty having huge success with the game mode, 343 Industries would be seriously missing out if they didn’t include one.

It’s been nearly 5 months since the multiplayer beta and fans are still wondering if the mode will even get a battle royale mode as there seemed to be nothing hinting at one. Until now…

Halo Infinite Battle Royale

Over on Twitter, a post was published that seems to have garnered a lot of attention regarding the idea of a battle royale mode in Infinite. The tweet is accompanied with two images ripped straight from the game. One is what looks to be the thumbnail image for the mode and the other a description of the mode which reads: “Every Spartan for themselves! Level-up your loadout by earning Personal Score to be the last Spartan standing.”

Now, whilst nothing in concrete, this certainly seems like 343’s take on a possible battle royale mode which would bring Infinite to a similar standing with other FPS franchises. Some could argue that this could just be a hoax, as the internet is well used to them at this point, but if you launch up Halo Infinite and go into the custom games offline menu it can be seen plain as day.

The rules for the mode state there is one 12 minute round with a score of 50 needed to win. This might seem low, but it could be a placeholder until Season 2: Lone Wolves launches on May 3.

Halo Infinite x Fortnite

The description of the mode mentions levelling up your loadout by earning personal score. Now, this could mean by earning kills with weapons as gamers should be used to, having played the multiplayer. But it could also mean completing quests and challenges, much like Fortnite’s battle royale mode where completing challenges also rewards the player with extra XP.

The mode itself is a BTB (Big Team Battle) meaning that it will be set on larger-scale maps, possibly with vehicles to help with traversal. With this in mind, it could be just that; a new BTB game mode.

Once again, nothing is set in stone, but fans are biting away at this news in hopes that it may just be the answer to their questions that have been asked since the start.

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