One of Halo Infinite’s Best Weapons is Getting Nerfed with Season 2

  • Dan Kay

A new addition to Halo Infinite’s weapon roster is getting a nerf with the release of Season 2: Lone Wolves and fans are over the moon.

The Mangler is a new weapon for Halo, making its debut in Infinite. It’s a heavy revolver with two blades under the barrel making it a formidable weapon against enemy Spartans. It’s an easy killing machine with a hard-hitting damage output (2 body shots and 1 headshot, or 1 body shot and 1 melee) and is also a big topic of controversy.

The Mangler shares a respawn point with the plasma pistol, spawning every 30 seconds which makes it the obvious choice between the two and a fan favourite. But could it be a fan favourite for the wrong reasons?

Halo Infinite Mangler Nerf Season 2

Season 2 Nerfs

Many pro players and streamers despise the weapon, claiming it promotes camping and no skill. They have also stated that it has a generous amount of ammunition and spawns in far too frequently, taking away from weapon variety.

It’s left the gun in a sort of limbo state. It’s powerful, but not classed as a power weapon, which makes it an interesting weapon that fans either love or hate.

Halo Infinite Fiesta Gameplay Cinematic

Well, it seems the developers have heard this cry and are planning to change the weapon, giving it a hefty nerf in season 2 of the multiplayer. Many fans are claiming it should be a two-shot beatdown, rather than one. It would mean more skill would have to be used in order to be effective with the pistol and, whilst maybe not fixing the camping problem, would give it a more run and gun feel.

In the season 1 outcomes report, posted on the new board of the Halo Waypoint, the developers noted a few patches that will be coming to season 2. Listed within these changes are a certain nerf of the Mangler, claiming the weapon will require a 2 shot beatdown for a kill on Spartans, giving the fans what they have cried out for since its release. Another change being implemented is that melee attacks will land more often than before with less “whiffing” and less opponents “phasing” through each other.

These are very welcome changes to Halo Infinite and fans will be surely pleased to hear about them upon release. Infinite had a somewhat rocky start with it releasing a beta before the full game. Many fans took it by storm and had a blast, but since then have began to question a few things such as the Mangler.

But, in the name of progress, 343 have listened and will continue to in hopes of ensuring a fair and fun experience for all players.

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