Halo Infinite April 5th Patch: Big Changes to BTB Introduced

  • Dan Kay
Halo Infinite Shock Charge Gameplay Cinematic

Some interesting changes have been brought to Halo Infinite with the Tuesday April 5th 2022 update, mainly surrounding the BTB game modes.

One of the most popular game modes in Halo Infinite is BTB (Big Team Battle). With large maps, heavy weapon variety and lots of fun to be had, it makes for time well spent within the game.

But a new update is changing BTB for the better, specifically the CTF (Capture The Flag) and Stockpile game modes.

Capture The Flag Change

Capture the Flag is a popular and well-known game mode for many gamers, and not just Halo ones. The objective is for two teams to take each other’s flags and return them to their bases thus increasing their score. The first to score three points wins the game.

The changes surround the sudden death that occurs at the end of the game if the teams are tied. Before the update, if one team was holding the other’s flag then the game would enter sudden death.

To win sudden death, a player would need to either return the flag to the original post or be taken to the flag carrier’s base, thus winning the match.

Halo Infinite Capture The Flag Update

However, with the new update, this has changed. Now, Sudden Death only starts when the round timer is depleted and a flag is away from the original base. For example, if one team is winning 1-0 but their flag is away from the original base then Sudden Death will begin.

This isn’t the only change to CTF. If the flag is contested, then the timer will pause and reset when and if the flag is picked up again. When all flags are returned to their original posts then Sudden Death will conclude, and the match will finish.

These new rules apply to normal and overtime rounds in both the arena and ranked versions of the multiplayer as well as custom games, making it a game-wide change.

Stockpile Changes

Stockpile is another popular entry into Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. The aim of the game is to collect Power Seeds that drop throughout the map and return them to your base. Not much has changed with the update except some quality of life improvements.

After the update, Power Seeds will now no longer spawn in unreachable places. This was an issue that raised an outcry with gamers as it made the game sometimes unfinishable due to no Power Seeds being available to return to bases.

Halo Infinite BTB Gameplay Cinematic

Other Changes

Another notable change is that 343 developers have made improvements to joining fireteams and friends from an idle or suspended state on Xbox consoles. This makes playing Halo Infinite’s multiplayer much smoother and seamless and small improvements like this are what the fans are happy to see.

This multiplayer update is a small one with a size of 1.3GB and is available on all 3 Xbox consoles (One, Series S and Series X) as well as PC.

You can find the full list of changes via the Halo Waypoint site.

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