Usain Bolt's 2009 150m race is 'the fastest race in history'

Despite retiring back in 2017, Usain Bolt remains the fastest human being on record.

The Jamaican speedster still holds the world record in both men’s 100 and 200-metre sprints.

He also anchored Jamaica in the greatest 4×100-metre relay team to ever race a lap of an athletics track.

Whilst all sports fans are familiar with Bolt’s performances in Beijing and later Berlin and London, there are some of his achievements that are less known to the wider public.

Perhaps the most underrated achievements in Bolt’s catalogue came on the miserably rainy streets of Manchester in 2009.

The Sherwood Content-native competed in what some consider to be the fastest race in history, which is surprising considering most sports fans have never seen it.

At the time, Bolt was at the peak of his powers and just about to set new records in the 100m and 200m sprints in Berlin later that year.

Spectators were given a truly unique experience as Bolt was taking part in the 150-metre sprint at the now-axed Great City Games in Manchester.

The event saw an athletics tracks built in the middle of the street which brought fans closer to the action than they had ever been before.

Many consider 150m to be the ‘Goldilocks zone’ between Bolt’s two traditional distances and that was clear for all in attendance to see as Bolt broke away from his competitors before setting the fastest 150m time that had ever been recorded at a mesmerising 14.35 seconds.

According to Athletics Weekly, that made Bolt’s triumph statistically the ‘fastest race in history’ when measured in miles or kilometres per hour from start to finish.

His time of 14.35 equated to an average speed of 23.38mph.

In comparison, his 100m and 200m world records ‘only’ correlate to 23.35mph and 23.31mph respectively. 

Luckily for athletics fans who weren’t in attendance that day, a camera captured Lighting Bolt’s sprint by moving in tandem with the fastest man alive.

The footage offers a great insight into just how quick Bolt was during the peak of his career.

Bolt’s opening 100m split of 9.91 seconds is pretty decent, but it’s the fact that his ‘flying 100m’ between 50 metres and 150 metres clocked in at 8.70 seconds that’s almost unbelievable.

Had it been anybody other than Usain Bolt, we wouldn’t believe it.

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