WWE 2K22: How to win the Royal Rumble in MyRise

WWE 2K22 is expected to be released before the end of 2021.

WWE 2K22’s MyRise mode puts you in the shoes of a WWE superstar, and gives you the opportunity to compete in some of WWE’s most famous match types, including the Royal Rumble.

You’ll have to activate a specific storyline to gain entry to the Rumble, which involves linking up with Seth Rollins on the RAW brand.

In the storyline of the game, he remains a cult leader, with a number of the best wrestlers on RAW linking up with him to advance their own careers, including Mustafa Ali, Murphy, and Austin Theory.

Once you’ve agreed to join up with Seth, you can find him in the Jiu-Jitsu gym, and he’ll offer you the opportunity to qualify for the Rumble.

To do this, you’ll have to come through a 10-man Battle Royal. It’s important to say here that you have to win this match to advance the storyline, and failing to do so results in a fail, although you will be given the chance to try again if you lose.

Once you’ve won the Battle Royal – it took us three or four tries – Seth will tell you that he’s heard which number you’ve drawn for the Rumble. It’s not good!

Here’s how to win the Royal Rumble in WWE 2K22 MyRise

One thing that should be noted here is that this is going to be one of the most difficult matches you compete in during MyRise.

Every opponent you face in the ring during the Rumble will, at some point, target you, and try to eliminate you from the match.

And you come in at number two.

So, that’s not ideal!

If you’re really unsure of how well you’re going to do in the match, there is the option of backing out of the conversation with Seth after he tells you that you’re number two, and lowering the difficulty.

WWE 2K22 update 1.06 addresses a number of concerns including game mode exploits and more.

This is a cheesy method to win the match but it absolutely does work, and is something to be considered. Once you go into the Rumble, though, the checkpoint kicks in at the start of the match, so the difficulty you begin the Rumble on is the difficulty you have to win it on.

We played MyRise on Hard difficulty, and we somehow managed to win the match with our very first go, although that was more by luck than judgement!

Our top tips for the Royal Rumble match are as follows.

  • Don’t waste your energy. There’s no point in sprinting your way around the ring and attacking other competitors when you don’t need to. Be as careful as you can with your energy.
  • Store finishers. Don’t immediately use a finisher when you get it. Keep it, and it’ll make things so much easier for you. You can send an opponent into the ropes, hit your finish, and automatically eliminate them. We had three finishers stored when it came down to the final three, so we were able to eliminate the other two competitors.
  • Don’t clothesline! If you run towards an opponent and try to send them over the top rope , you can be automatically eliminated if the AI reverses.
  • Pick your moments. There are going to be times when the AI is fighting the AI, and attempting to eliminate each other. You could get involved and help with that to ensure the elimination happens, but pick your moments to ensure you aren’t wasting your energy.
  • Don’t go for early eliminations. It might seem counter-intuitive to let the ring fill up with opponents but you simply won’t be able to eliminate the first few people who come into the ring straight away. Bide your time, wait for their health to go into the red, then try to throw them out.
  • Keep an eye on AI finishers. Make sure the guy you’re targeting doesn’t have a finish when he whips you into the ropes, or you could be eliminated without needing to go through the elimination mini-game. If they do have a finisher, do everything you can to reverse it, as that may eliminate them instead.
  • Use strong Irish Whips. This is especially good when your opponent has very low health. If you use that strong whip, by holding circle or B, they can go straight over the top rope without the need for a mini-game or finisher, especially deep into the game. Otherwise, they’re going to either land on the apron or hang off, while clinging on. If they do the latter you can attack and eliminate them.
  • Practice! There’s no reason you can’t jump into a Royal Rumble with no stakes in Play mode, where you can test out which wrestling styles are best for the match, and which difficulty you need to play on. The option is there and we’d recommend using it.

The Rumble match is a very difficult one and that’s why you can receive an achievement or a trophy for winning it from either No.1 or No.2. If you do manage to outlast the 29 other superstars, you’ll be rewarded with the Maybe They Just Need A Snickers trophy.

What happens if you lose the Royal Rumble match?

There are spoilers here for the Seth Rollins storyline in MyRise so if you’d rather not know what happens next, we’d urge you not to read on.

With that being said, the basic fact is that you will eventually wrestle Seth at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship.

On Raw, Mandy Rose will announce via social media that the winner of the Rumble has chosen to wrestle for the NXT Championship, meaning that the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship matches are now up for grabs.

Then, you’ll be placed into a triple threat match with AJ Styles and Tommaso Ciampa.

Win that, and you’ll see a few social media messages revealing that Seth has sabotaged your quest to win the WWE title, and you’ll face him at Mania.

Win that, and you’ll be WWE Champion. The match also includes a really cool cutscene, which we won’t spoil!

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