Infinite Fleet Ships: What is Available in May 2022?

Infinite Fleet Ship

Infinite Fleet is an epic sci-fi massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game, but what are the ships that are currently available to purchase in the title?

The space-based game sees players as a Commander within the United Sol Federation Combined Fleet, a military organisation tasked with defeating the Atrox alien threat.

As such, players are able to purchase ships in-game to utilize as part of the MMO system, with many being limited in terms of availability.

Here’s everything you need to know about the ships that are currently available to purchase for Infinite Fleet in May 2022.

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Infinite Fleet Ship
Image Courtesy Pixelmatic and Exordium

Infinite Fleet Ships May 2022

The following ships are currently available to purchase on the Infinite Fleet store as of writing on Thursday 7th May 2022:


  • “The USF Polaris Cannon is an offensive powerhouse equipped with an extensive arsenal of short- to mid-range weapons and a pair of massive main guns. 
  • “The MK-5 iteration reflects an adjustment in the USF design philosophy shared by most late-model Polaris class ships, which adds additional armour, and pulls power from plasma beam focusing to thrust to maintain nearly the same speed; this results in a sturdier ship with a bit less range.”


  • “The USF Polaris Versa is a versatile capital ship teeming with weapon hardpoints. The new MK-6 iteration features improved missile and fighter defences, and heavier armour while devoting less of its energy resources to shield regeneration. 
  • “The result is a ship better suited to tackling Atrox fighter swarms and missile barrages at a slight sacrifice of speed and energy weapon resistance.”


  • “The USF Polaris Envoy is a fortified vessel that applies its firepower through hangar loads of mechs while keeping to a safe distance, using enhanced sensors to identify weak points in enemy formations and directing the flow of the dogfight to gain every available advantage. 
  • “The MK-3 iteration trades slower shield regeneration for increased shield capacity overall. The result is a ship that can more effectively resist bursts of damage, but is less effective under sustained fire.”


  • “The USF Polaris Guardian is a heavy assault ship designed to charge into combat and withstand withering barrages of enemy fire, engaging at close range to deliver death blows with its powerful Plasma weaponry. 
  • “The MK-3 iteration of the Guardian shifts the energy allocation from thrust to weapons and then reduces armour slightly. The result is a somewhat lighter ship that trades some defence for improved offensive capabilities while keeping its speed nearly unchanged.”

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Infinite Fleet Ship
Image Courtesy Pixelmatic and Exordium

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