A Long Awaited Achievement for Halo Infinite Will Finally be Unlockable in Season 2

  • Dan Kay
Halo Infinite Medic! Achievement

Halo Infinite fans will be over the moon to hear that a long awaited achievement for the game will finally be unlockable during season 2.

Achievements are a great addition to games, and they are not easy to unlock, as developers make players complete hard challenges in order to earn the achievement.

For those who do not know, Halo Infinite is the sixth mainline entry in the Halo series, and also the third in the “Reclaimer Saga”.

The games have always had achievements, and many fans will be over the moon to hear this latest news around them provided by the developers.

Halo Infinite: ‘Medic!’ Achievement Will Finally be Unlockable in Season 2

343 Industries have confirmed that the “Medic!” achievement will finally be unlockable with Halo Infinite’s season 2 Elimination game mode.

343 Industries’ latest blog post, (Season 1 outcomes report), confirmed that a new game mode will debut when the second season is released. The game mode will be available in multiplayer and is called Elimination.

This great news was followed by more as they announced that the achievement “Medic!” will be unlockable to those who complete the challenge within the game mode.

The achievement itself has been in the game since release and has confused players immensely, with achievement hunters trying their best to unlock it to increase their Gamerscore. The achievement requirements are simple: “Revive 3 allies in an Elimination round in a matchmade game.”

What really confused players is that apparently 0.01% of gamers have unlocked it. This sparked a lot of confusion throughout the player base as gamers everywhere were scouring reddit trying to find how to complete it.

Attrition Game Mode Confusion

Although it does mention an elimination mode, this was interpreted to many as being the limited time attrition game mode that was released through the Cyber Showdown event in season 1.

In the mode, players would have a certain number of team lives and when these were depleted, the player would no longer respawn. Instead, they would turn into an orb waiting to be revived.

Halo Infinite Attrition Game Mode Cinematic

It’s understandable to see the confusion that gamers faced, with fans complaining online that they hadn’t unlocked the achievement after reviving three teammates. In the blog post mentioned earlier, 343 have cleared up the confusion as they mentioned that Elimination will be released with season 2 making the achievement finally unlockable.

It’s safe to say that fans were all a little confused but mostly relieved when reading the post; however, some are still a little annoyed that the achievement has been in the game since launch with no way of unlocking it.

Halo Infinite Elimination Game Mode is Similar to Attrition Game Mode

343 Industries also mentioned in the Arena (Maps and Modes) section that “Many players would like Elimination to appear in matchmaking so they can unlock the “MEDIC!” Achievement” and they did this to clear up any confusion left with gamers.

Will you be unlocking the “Medic!” achievement when it is released with Season 2?

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