Elden Ring: How to find one of the most touching quests in the game

Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a number of amazing quests in its huge, deadly world, but some of them can be missed completely, including Boc the Seamster’s quest; here’s how to find it.

Most role-playing games have quest logs, of course, so you can follow exactly where each quest can be found.

Elden Ring does not have that, so you need to pay very close attention to dialogue hints, and potentially utilise a real-life notebook to keep track of everything.

As reported by Kotaku, one questline has been so well hidden that developers From Software have patched it to ensure that it can be found easier by players.

Boc the Seamster is the character you’re looking for and he’s very well hidden at the start of the game.

He’s initially found in Limgrave, the first area of the game, but he’s remarkably easy to miss. It is very possible to go through an entire playthrough without coming across him.

He is first found in disguise, as a piece of shrubbery. As Kotaku reports, it’s possible to walk right up to him, and not actually trigger his dialogue.

Last month’s patch, though, has fixed this, so that Boc will call out to the Tarnished from a much greater distance, south of the Agheel Lake North Site of Grace.

Now, he will call out to you from across a road, so you don’t need to walk straight up to him.

In his area now is a purple-tinted item drop, so that players are more minded to explore the area in which Boc is hiding. To reveal him as an NPC, you need to hit him, or roll into him, and then his dialogue will trigger.

You should be aware that the quest itself doesn’t hand out huge rewards. You’re not going to be given an immense amount of runes or a new weapon or anything like that; his rewards are actually about altering clothing.

Elden Ring

You might be sat there thinking that you can already do that at Sites of Grace and that’s absolutely true, but don’t let that put you off the quest, as there’s some real emotional heft here.

Boc is a demi-human, and you’ll likely have faced a number of these throughout your Journey, most likely killing them in their droves.

Boc has been pushed out of a den on Limgrave’s shore, and he offers to go back into the den to get you a reward if you restore him out of his disguise.

When he goes, it doesn’t work out so you’ll need to go in by yourself, and beat the boss that is waiting for you.

Do that and you’ll find his sewing kit next to his injured body. Give it back to Boc and he’ll become your seamster, insisting that it was always his dream to have the job, meaning that he’ll change up your clothes for free.

You can find Boc again in Liurnia at the Church of Irith Site of Grace. Here, he’ll tell you that he can adjust your clothing, and he can also alter your armour for free, instead of you needing to pay 500 Runes each time you do it yourself. This is handy.

Now from here, it gets pretty sad, and we aren’t going to spoil how it goes from here, because it’s one of the most touching quests in Elden Ring.

Boc regales you with a tale of how he struggles with his appearance, and you’ll then have dialogue choices down the line that could genuinely lead to a few tears.

The rewards aren’t the best here, but do your best to find him, so you don’t miss some of the loveliest writing in Elden Ring.

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