Elden Ring: How to complete White Mask Varre's questline

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One of the first NPCs you’ll come across in Elden Ring is White Mask Varre and he’ll speak to you right away, calling you ‘Maidenless’.

It may seem as though he’s just there for window dressing and to introduce you to Limgrave but he isn’t, as he holds a quest that you can complete.

He is linked to one of the demigods within the game, the Lord of Blood, and completing his questline will allow you to have an audience with Mohg in Mohgwyn Palace.

Here’s a guide on how exactly to complete Varre’s questline, which is one of the first you’re going to come across in the game.

How to complete White Mask Varre’s quest

After you come through the tutorial, speak to Varre and he’ll insult you. Don’t do what we did and then attack him as he can die and he won’t come back, meaning this questline is lost forever!

After you’ve beaten Godrick the Grafted, Varre will have new dialogue in the same location so go back and speak with him. Exhaust the dialogue and re-load the area. He’ll have moved to Liurnia, at the Rose Church.

This is where his intentions are revealed and he’ll ask you a question about your first impressions of the Two Fingers after you’ve collected the first Great Rune.

If you tell him that something was off, he will tell you his own perspective and he’ll give you a number of Festering Bloody Fingers. He’ll also tell you to use them quickly.

Now you’ve got them, you not to complete three invasions. You just need to do this three times and you don’t actually need to defeat the Host of Fingers.

Once you’ve used them three times, go back to Varre and he’ll tell you that he works for the Lord of Blood. You’ll be offered the chance to be inducted into a Knights circle, called the Knights of Luminary Mohg. Tell him that you want to be anointed and you’ll be handed the Lord of Blood’s Favour.

You’ll have to soak this in a dead maiden’s blood, which is nice and fun, isn’t it?

A screenshot taken from Elden Ring. (Credit: FromSoftware)

You’ve got three options here. You can find a dead maiden in the Chapel of Anticipation at the start of the game, in the Church of Inhibition and by killing Hyetta, who is another NPC with a questline. We’d urge against doing the latter.

In the Church of Anticipation in Liurnia, you’ll need to use a Stonesword Key on the portal there, which is named the ‘Precipice of Anticipation’. The maiden is on the floor.

The Church of Inhibition is in the northeast of Liurnia above the Frenzied Flame Village. You can go backwards from the Dectus Lift to find it.

Once you’ve soaked in the blood of the dead maiden, again return to Varre. You’ll be inducted into the Knight group and then he’ll cut one of your fingers off.

This isn’t an invite to a fight, instead it’s an invasion item that you can reuse. You’ll also be given the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. When you use it, you’ll be teleported to the Mohgwyn Palace.

The more you climb the steps, there’ll be an invasion sign. This will offer you the chance to fight Varre and you have to beat him to complete the questline.

Do that, and you’ll also be given the Varre’s Bouquet armament; it’s a hammer that scales with strength, dexterity and arcane. It also causes blood loss build-up, while looking very cool. It’s a hammer shaped like a bouquet of roses, so it always looks as though it is stained with blood.

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