Fluke of the century? Snooker player David Gilbert stuns commentators

  • Rob Swan
Snooker player David Gilbert stuns commentators with 'fluke of the century'

Snooker player David Gilbert stunned commentators by producing what’s been described as ‘fluke of the century’ during his World Championship qualifying match against Rory McLeod.

Gilbert recorded a 6-1 victory over his opponent and enjoyed a huge slice of good fortune during the final frame.

Attempting to sink the blue to the left middle with the score 19-13 in his favour, Gilbert got a little too much power on the shot and watched as the cue ball ricocheted off the pocket and back towards the group of assembled reds.

It stopped just behind the pink ball, which was struck by the cue ball. This in turn saw the blue ball roll softly into the bottom right pocket for one of the most fortuitous pots we’ll ever see on a snooker table.

Gilbert watched with a wry smile on his face as the blue roll calmed towards the pocket. The 40-year-old sensed that he was about to get lucky.

Video: David Gilbert’s ‘fluke of the century’

Watch it here:

Incredible scenes.

And when the blue fell in, the commentator couldn’t help laughing, saying: “Oh, I’ve seen it all. Neil, I’ve seen it all now! That is extraordinary what’s happened there. Extraordinary.”

Former world number three Neal Foulds added: “That’s the fluke of the century! I don’t even know where to start on this.

“I don’t think I’ve seen many flukes like that. There was that one in the Championship League where the ball went along the cushion but that was a mind-boggling fluke I’ve just seen there.”

The commentator said: “It’s one for the ages and of course he lands on a red as well. He’s got the reds open, so a chance to win the match. 

“I didn’t think we’d beat [Scott] Donaldson’s as fluke of the season but I think that does!”

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