Woman abused in street for wearing ‘inappropriate’ gym clothing

A young woman has opened up about how she was verbally abused in the street while she was wearing activewear clothing. 

Jasmine Absolom, a podcaster from Brisbane, says she was screamed at by an older woman as she walked home from the gym. 

The 24-year-old managed to capture some of the abuse on video and took to TikTok to post the footage, alongside her own thoughts on the situation. 

You can watch the video here

Absolom, who was wearing gym shorts from Muscle Nation –– a well-known fitness apparel brand, stressed that she feels “most girls wear these pants,” and that the woman’s abuse towards her was completely unacceptable. 

What happened? 

In the video, the abusive woman can be heard shouting “I actually had to see your clitoris.” 

Shortly after, the same woman brands Absolom a “wh**e” and questions what Absolom would do if a Muslim woman was walking down the street. 

Absolom responds by saying it’s a woman’s right to “wear whatever they’d like to wear,” before the other woman hit back again, claiming Absolom had “no morals.” 

This promoted the podcaster to get angry and she can be heard saying: “You have no f***ing idea of my values.” 

Jasmine says she could feel the conversation was about to turn violent, so she splashed some water in the woman’s face and ran away. 

Having evaded the woman, she burst into tears and messaged the video to her best friends. 

In an interview with FEMAIL, Absolom said: “I’m not gonna say I was innocent, I definitely said things to her I wouldn’t normally say to another person, but she had me red with anger, I still can’t believe another woman would speak about women in this way.” 

Fans jump to defend Absolom 

The TikTok clip has been viewed more than 50,000 times and a number of fans were quick to jump to the support of Absolom. 

One wrote: “As Muslim, we don’t care what anyone wears, that girl got no point by bringing us up.” 

Another said: “What the actual h**k. Why she’s so bothered by what you are wearing?” 

Meanwhile, a third echoed this idea and said: “You look like you’re in workout gear… Had she not seen people out like this before?” 

More gym-related incidents 

There have been a number of gym-related incidents involving women in recent months. 

An American woman criticised a gym for allowing an employee to access her membership details and leave her a weird voicemail

And last year, a woman received praise for standing up to a man who appeared to be looking at her inappropriately.

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