Rocket League Season 7: Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

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Rocket League Season 7 will be the next season to arrive in the game and we have all the latest information that the gaming community needs to know before it goes live.

The car football game is massively enjoyed by many, and it has kept this popularity by introducing seasons every few months.

It has become so popular over the years and the developers have even made the game accessible for Esports. We see thousands of pounds/dollars won at every Rocket League Esports tournament/championship.

With Season 6 released in March 2022, players are loving the new content, but they will definitely be keeping an eye out for the release of season 7.

Latest News

Update 16th May: Rocket League wrote a community update in which they revealed some things coming to season 7. They revealed:

  • “A thread from earlier in the season highlighted how actions in Rocket League related to using Drops, Blueprints, and Credits could have different default selections. This is something we’re looking to change for Season 7.
  • “A freestyler sparked a ton of chatter on Twitter and Reddit about ball speed on different Arena walls. We definitely want uniformity in how fast the ball moves in corners, and we’re hoping to have this fixed in time for Season 7. While we use automated testing throughout Rocket League, this was a blind spot for us that we’re going to address moving forward.”

Release Date

Official confirmation around the release date has now surfaced, and the developers have revealed that season 7 will go live on Wednesday June 15th 2022 at 8AM GMT. This will be after an update on Tuesday 14th June 2022.


Players will get rewards throughout the new season, this will include various content like paint, smoke trails and a lot more.

There will be a few ways in which players can unlock these rewards, like daily challenges and these rewards will be revealed over the next few months.


Rocket League developers Psyonix always love to bring out a new trailer to promote a new season, and no doubt they will do the exact same thing for season 7.

The trailer hasn’t been released yet for Season 7, but we hope it should be released soon.

Rocket League

Rocket Pass

When a new season is released, players will be able to purchase a new rocket pass, which gives gamers 100 levels of unlockable content.

More will be known about this closer to release. This is another way in which players can unlock rewards, and as you get closer to level 100, you will unlock better rewards.

The game is so successful that it has become a crucial part of Esports where players battle for big prize pools. Hopefully season 7 is just as successful as season 6, and with high expectations, the developers have to continue delivering great seasons.

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