Top ten unbreakable NFL records, some of these are incredible

They say that records are made to be broken, but when you stop to think about it, there are some instances where that simply isn’t going to be the case.

For as long as the NFL has been around, there have been players that have transcended the sport, whether it be Michael Vick with his incredible speed or the fear that Lawrence Taylor put into opposing offensive lines and quarterbacks, which help set the benchmark for others to follow.

And whilst there may be some records in the NFL that will be under threat in coming years, especially as they move into a 17-game season, giving players more opportunities to rack up stats, there are some that feel like they will be around long after these players have retired and may never see the name next to them change in the record books.

Here at GiveMeSport, we look at ten records that stand to this day that we think are going to stay with their current holders for a long time to come, and may even stick with them for all eternity.

10 – The Buffalo Bills’ four straight Super Bowl losses

In a league that is designed for parody, especially in recent years, it is very difficult for teams to even reach the Super Bowl in two consecutive seasons, with the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots the only teams to do so in the 2010s. 

However to get that far four times in a row is something that only the Buffalo Bills teams of the early 90s managed to do, it was just a shame they fell short every time, although they did come agonisingly close in their first attempt. Even if there are some teams that are good enough to get there four times, to lose that many in a row you imagine is something that will never happen again.

Even if there are some teams that are good enough to get there four times, to lose that many in a row you imagine is something that will never happen again.

9 – Brett Favre’s 366 interceptions thrown

Whilst the gunslinger might be in the Hall of Fame for all the good that he achieved, including 3 NFL MVPs, a Super Bowl victory and over 500 touchdown passes thrown, the risks that he took over his career meant that he also holds the unwanted record of coughing the ball up more times than any QB in NFL history. 

Whilst part of it comes as a result of his longevity in the league, with teams being more cautious these days when it comes to throwing the ball, you would imagine that the chances for that many picks to be thrown across an entire career are pretty small indeed. 

8 – Jerry Rice’s 22,895 receiving yards

There’s a reason why some considered Jerry Rice to be the greatest football player of all time, but if there is one number that you need to prove it, let it be this one.

Whilst football has developed into more of a pass-happy league these days, and with more games allowing players to rack up bigger numbers, given how far and above the former 49ers great is above his competition, more than 5,000 yards better off than the man in second place Larry Fitzgerald, it would take something rather remarkable to be able to catch the Hall of Famer, even across the span of a whole career.  

7 – The 1972 Miami Dolphins and their undefeated season

Arguably the hardest one to do on this list, purely because of how many teams have managed to come so close over the years only to stumble at some point along the way, most notably the 2007 Patriots that made it all the way to the Super Bowl before losing the final game of the season. 

With the league so competitive, and with the seemingly constant rotation of teams that reach the Super Bowl every year, it’s hard to see how there can be one team that will be able to get their heads above the rest and squeak through an entire season without picking up a loss at some stage like the Miami Dolphins did. 

6 – Don Shula’s 328 regular-season wins as a coach

Another record that comes with longevity as much as success, the former Miami Dolphins and Baltimore Colts coach mainly left his mark in South Florida, including one season of going undefeated, and it’s that long spell of putting together teams that challenged for success that got him to this stage. 

Whilst New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is nipping at his heels with 290, it would still take 3-4 full seasons of competitive play to catch up to him, but at age of 70 when this next season begins, you wonder if he’ll be around for that long. And if he can’t do it, given how often coaches are turned over in this league, it’s hard to see who, if anyone can put up a number as high as Shula’s. 

5 – Derrick Thomas’ 7.0 sacks in a game

Given how the NFL has developed more into a passing league, giving opposing defences the chance to get to the quarterback, it does seem like this one has a chance on the surface.

But when you look at how many players have come so close to breaking it and getting 6 since Thomas broke the record, one of which was Thomas himself, you just get the sense that, even with the vast array of elite pass-rushers we have in today’s game, that his record will always be just out of reach of even the best players in today’s game.

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4 – Brett Favre’s 297 straight games as a QB

Another record that again seems breakable when you consider how quarterbacks are starting to play at a younger age and with the 17-game season giving more games in which to play in. 

But with the idea of ‘load management’ becoming more prominent these days across the board including in the NFL, something that just wasn’t around during Favre’s playing days, combined with the longevity and the need to stay injury-free from pretty much your first NFL game until your last, this seems like a record that Favre will hold onto until the sun goes out.

3 – Jim Hardy’s 8 interceptions thrown in one game

Whilst a lot of these records have been as a result of great skill and ability at someone’s position, Hardy’s falls very much at the other end of the spectrum.

As the numbers of the past show, it is very hard to think that a quarterback would be allowed to stay in the game in this day and age after he has thrown his 5th interception, and given how cautious teams are, it also seems a stretch to imagine a quarterback in today’s modern game even getting that far to begin with, so sadly this is one that Hardy is more than likely going to have to keep hold of for even longer. 

2 – Otto Graham’s 10 Championship appearances in 10 seasons

Whilst the Buffalo Bills of the early 1990s or the New England Patriots of the 21st Century might think that they had a powerhouse of a team, that was nothing compared to the Cleveland Browns sides of the 40s and 50s where they were THE dynasty in the National Football League. 

Their dominance started before that in the All-America Football Conference, where they won all four of the league’s titles, before turning that round and becoming perennial challengers in the NFL in the 1950s, with the quarterback Graham leading the team to all ten of their championship appearances. 

Despite how dominant a player like Patrick Mahomes may be in today’s game, or whoever may emerge as the face of the league in years to come, it is impossible to even imagine how dominant they would have to be to take a side into 10 straight appearances in the Super Bowl the way Graham did all those years ago. 

1 – Eric Dickerson’s 2,105 rushing yards in a season

Another record that, as a result of the league becoming more pass-orientated is that of the former LA Ram, who set the record back in 1984. 

Again there have been a couple of players that have come close, with Adrian Peterson falling nine yards short of breaking the record back in 2012, but even with the extra game that the league has, you just get the sense that it would take something special, even for the likes of Derrick Henry, who became the latest player to break the 2,000-yard mark in 2020, to get over that last hump and over the 2,105 mark. 

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