NFL: Titans' Mike Vrabel has cheeky response to former player's tweet

Whilst the NFL’s season might be about to heat up a little bit with the draft on the way, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel showed there’s still time for some fun before the rigours of the NFL regular season start to kick in. 

Vrabel has developed a pretty good resume in The Music City, with a record of 41-24 in the regular season enough to grant three playoff berths, so it’s fair to say that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to coaching.

And the former NFL linebacker has endeared himself to the league with his personable and humorous approach – although ex-Titan Will Compton probably isn’t a big fan of his style.

Vrabel jokes on Twitter

During a conversation with a fan when it came to parenting, Compton, who has played under Vrabel twice in Tennessee in 2018 and 2020, brought up a quote that Vrabel would use in the locker room that ‘the great ones make it look easy’.

However, Vrabel answered back by cheekily stating that ‘great’ wasn’t exactly on his mind when it came to Compton and his contributions.

Vrabel may very well have a point here when it comes to his comments about Compton, because his numbers whilst with the Titans under the 46-year-old’s watch weren’t exactly the greatest, as he could only put up 46 combined tackles during his two-year stint there.

When you add to the fact that 12 of them came during one playoff game, then you can see why Vrabel might not hold Compton in the highest regard. 

Compton had a comeback of his own

Obviously the comment was meant with tongue firmly in cheek, but it should perhaps go out as a warning to Compton to be careful with who he talks about on social media, because you never know who might be watching and be ready to respond back to bring them down a peg, which is perhaps why he offered a similarly cheeky response asking him to delete his comments.

The 32-year-old Compton is currently a free agent at the moment, but with plenty of time to go until the start of the season, there’s still a chance that someone might see enough of him to give him a go on the roster somewhere. 

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