Valorant Mobile: Latest Screenshot Leaks Revealed


Leaked screenshots of Valorant Mobile are finally giving us a better idea of what to expect from the first-person hero shooter game.

Valorant is a PC-only (Windows) first-person hero shooter developed by Riot Games, which has risen to high levels of popularity among the masses. The game came out in June 2020 and witnessed a massive rise in player base, with even prominent streamers like Shroud streaming and playing the game on a regular basis.

Now, it seems like Riot Games is already working on bringing Valorant to mobile platforms, which will definitely shoot the game’s popularity into the stratosphere.

New screenshots of Valorant mobile have surfaced on the internet further hinting at the looming release of the game.

Valorant Mobile Leaked Screenshots reveal Agent Selection Screen as well as gameplay

Mobile gaming has grown exponentially over the last few years, thanks to smartphones and the internet becoming so readily available. Many prominent franchises like COD, League of Legends, and others have already established a major presence in the gaming space.

Now, Riot Games is attempting to replicate the same by releasing Valorant mobile. A bunch of new screenshots and short gameplay videos have surfaced online, showing off certain aspects of the game.

These new leaks come via DannyINTEL, a prominent mobile video games leaker on Twitter and is from a presumed Chinese play-test version of the game.


In one of their tweets, the leaker reveals the first look at the character selection screen in Valorant mobile. The image in the tweet shows off the popular in-game character Initiator, Sova, alongside some other well-known characters from the game, such as Skye.

This might probably mean that we will get to see Agents in the mobile version of Valorant, similar to its PC sibling. DannyINTEL even shared a brief gameplay clip of Valorant mobile which although is of low quality, shows a player playing as Jett, one of the many agents in the game.

We can also see the on-screen buttons for the agent’s abilities and movements, a preview of the mini-map at the top, the weapon icon, and the HP bar at the bottom. However, these will be customizable, something which has already been made familiar by popular mobile games like BGMI and PUBG: New State.

Another leaked video for Valorant Mobile reveals the agent selection screen. Going by the video, the game’s launch agent lineup might consist of Jett, Phoenix, Reyna, Skye, Sova, Breach, and Killjoy. 

We will have to wait for more information surrounding the game. Since the instructions are in Chinese, it’s a bit hard to decipher each and every detail from the gameplay video or the screenshots. From the first look of it, the button layout feels rightly mapped and the movement also feels quite smooth.

As of writing this article, no release date for Valorant mobile has been shared by Riot Games. It’s possible that the developers might soft launch the game to a limited number of regions and then expand its availability based on the feedback.

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