Jake Paul explains confidence in securing future UFC fight

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has explained why he’s confident that a fight in the UFC could be in his future.

Throughout the course of his time in combat sports, Jake Paul has been able to get under the skin of just about everyone he’s come into contact with. ‘The Problem Child’ knows and understands how to market himself and across just a handful of professional fights, he’s carved out a reputation as both a heavy hitter and a notable trash talker.

While he appears to be focusing his attention on a return to the squared circle in August, Paul is still keeping a close eye on proceedings in mixed martial arts.

He’s made his voice heard regarding fighter pay and the issues he has with it but in equal measure, he’s also noted that he would be open to fighting in the UFC – despite his apparent feud with president Dana White.

During a recent podcast appearance, Paul hinted that White may be coming around to the idea of working with him down the road.

“I think it’s timing and proving myself more in the boxing side of things, and pretty soon the UFC and the MMA side, it’ll be undeniable for me to get into the Octagon, or fight for one of these other organizations against a big name. So I think it’s all a timing thing and Dana [White] seems to be open to it. Right,” Paul said.

“He said on my brother’s podcast he might let Logan fight in the UFC and I think he’s coming around to me and starting to see what I’m about and what I actually stand for. Obviously, he doesn’t like me harping on the fighter pay side of things and sort of harming his business, and being a shareholder in Endeavor and pushing on the investment side of things. There’s definitely a feud there, so we’ll see what happens.”

Who’s next for Jake Paul?

With most of his UFC targets being pre-occupied, Paul needs to look towards a more realistic foe for his summer return.

Tommy Fury would make a lot of sense but whilst chatting with Teddy Atlas, Jake ran through a superstar list of potential opponents that included Floyd Mayweather and Michael Bisping.

No, we’re not kidding.

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