Woman claims man threatened to hit her with dumbbell at the gym

Gym woman threatened by man

A woman has claimed that a man threatened to hit her with a dumbbell, while she was at the gym. 

Emily Telesca, a US marine vet, regularly posts gym workout videos on her TikTok account, which has more than 13,000 subscribers. 

In her latest video, Telesca shared footage of her attempting to work out before being verbally abused and threatened by another man nearby. 

The video opens with Telesca setting up her camera. She turns to the threatening man and says: “If I am in your way at all, let me know and I will totally move.”

In response, the man asks why Telesca is recording, to which she explains: “For Instagram and TikTok.” 

Shortly after, another man approaches Telesca and proceeds to reveal that the other threatening man said he planned to hit Teleseca. 

“He said, ‘Look at that conceited f**ing girl. I’m gonna go hit her with a dumbbell,'” the second man stated. 

“D**n, that’s kind of mean,” replied Telesca, who appeared visibly shocked by what she’d heard. 

Fans offer support to Telesca 

The TikTok video has now been viewed almost 300,000 times and received almost 1,000 comments. 

Many fans have urged Telesca to take action and report the man in question. 

One said: “No don’t take that. Don’t make light of his dark joke. Tell the owners. Call him out. It’s not ok to disrespect you like that boo.”

Similarly, another stated: “Joking or not, he insinuated violence. I’m sorry girl. You’re doing great.” 

A third put: “Please show this to gym management. Not okay. He should not be allowed in there.” 

Meanwhile, others expressed their concern about having similar things happen to them. 

“This is why I’m always terrified to go to the weight lifting area when it’s all I want to do.”

Another said: “This is why people are so intimidated by gym people.” 

Other gym-related incidents

Unfortunately, this is not the first gym-related incident where a woman has felt threatened of late. 

An Australian woman was abused in the street recently because someone said she was wearing inappropriate clothing. 

And earlier this year, an American woman criticised a gym for allowing an employee to access her membership details and leave her a weird voicemail.

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