Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's back & leg muscles are getting even bigger

The Rock looking stacked

Despite being in shape for the majority of his life, Dwayne Johnson’s recent social media post has surprised many.

The former WWE star has recently taken to his personal Instagram account to share photos of himself after one of his gruelling workouts.

It’s fair to say that many were surprised by his daily training routine. With that being said, it’s evident that The Rock has always been an active individual.

The People’s Champion retired from pro wrestling back in 2019, however, the retirement life hasn’t affected him in the slightest; if anything, he’s just got bigger and bigger.

The Rock is now a well-known actor and has featured in the likes of Furious 7, San Andreas, Jumanji: The Next Level and Jungle Cruise.

He often takes to social media to share his tips for fans when it comes to training on a regular basis and his latest posts highlight just how stacked he truly is, in particular in the back and leg area.

Recently, he teased “the Art of Disruption” on social media.

The Rock looking stacked
The Rock looking stacked

“Late night back training in the #ironparadise where the midnight sun always burns

“Out of my 24hrs a day, I always try and allocate 2hrs for my training. (physical + mental),” he explained. “These two hours are for me. Only me.

“I can disengage and disconnect with the world. Anchor & recenter myself. Then push thru pain barriers, disrupt and have an amazing workout. Your anchor doesn’t need to be as intense as the gym.

“But the philosophy here is finding your anchor and protecting it. Allocate an hour or two during your day to recenter yourself,” he advised. “Easier said than done, I get it. We’re all busy. I’m the busiest man on the planet, if I can carve time – so can you.”

The Rock looking stacked
The Rock looking stacked

From the looks of his recent leg day workout, The Rock may need some time to recover in what appeared to be a rough training session. 

“You’ll see the weight I use is never an insanely heavy amount,” he said. “Tons of guys who are WAY stronger than I am, but because of all my injuries (5 knee surgeries, ruptured Achilles, torn quadricep off my pelvis, torn abdomen wall, complete shoulder reconstruction etc) I’ve learned it’s not much weight we use, but rather the quality of reps and mind/muscle connection that matters most.”

“Today’s training sesh consisted of a 25-30 min warm up – core work, foam roller, stretching and then quad, hams & glute activation – leg extensions, leg curls, glute abductions and single leg glute drivers.

The Rock looking stacked
The Rock looking stacked

“Slow, intense, controlled reps with multi second negatives – increasing weight every set,” he said. “Single leg reps to double leg and moving foot positions and stance to hit all angles and muscles effectively.

“To close it out I’ll finish with walking chain lunges (120 lbs) to failure and superset with Romanian deadlifts. Slow and super controlled on the deadlifts with a 1 second pause at the bottom.”

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