Big Show, Mark Henry, Omos: The 15 heaviest WWE Superstars in history


WWE is the land of the giants, and these 15 Superstars really took that saying to the next level.

Last year, The Sportster complied a list of the 15 heaviest WWE Superstars in history, and it makes for some rather interesting reading.

Featuring on the list are some elite former WWE Champions, such as Yokozuna and Big Show, WWE Hall of Famers such as Andre The Giant and Mark Henry, and current stars such as Omos.

So. without wasting any more time, let’s look at the 15 heaviest wrestlers in WWE history…

15. Omos – 400lbs

Omos WWE

Omos may be the biggest man on WWE’s main roster now right now, but he’s certainly not the heaviest Superstar in WWE history.

The 7ft 3″ giant weighs a staggering 400lbs, and even when he’s standing in the right with the likes of Bobby Lashley, who is a small man, he dwarfs them.

Omos is said to be receiving a pretty large push in WWE, and if he wins the world title, it’s hard to believe that he won’t be the heaviest man to become champion.

14. Mark Henry – 412lbs

Mark Henry WWE

From one man who is hoping to win a world title in WWE, to someone has already done it.

Mark Henry comes in at number 14 on the list, weighing 412lbs during the heaviest period of his WWE career.

Henry was legitimately the World’s Strongest Man at one stage, and he used all of his 180kg + frame to make that happen.

However, the former World Heavyweight Champion has lost close to 40kg over the last two years, as you can find out more about by clicking here, and is now in pretty incredible shape.

13. The Great Khali – 419lbs

The Great Khali WWE

From one former World Heavyweight Champion to another, The Great Khali comes in at number 13 on this list.

Khali was never in bad shape during his time with WWE, but it was his huge frame that made him one of the heaviest WWE Superstars in history.

The WWE Hall of Famer stood at 7ft 1″, and even when sharing the ring with the likes of The Undertaker, Big Show and the aforementioned Henry, he looked enormous, so it’s not surprising to see him on this list.

12. Giant Gonzalez – 419lbs

Giant Gonzalez WWE

Like The Great Khali, it was Giant Gonzalez’s incredibly tall frame that sees him land as the 12th heaviest Superstar in WWE history.

Giant Gonzalez was a former basketballer who transitioned into the world of WWE (then WWF), and due to his huge 8ft frame, struggled to perform in the ring.

Gonzalez wrestled The Undertaker in one of the worst WrestleMania matches of all time, and only lasted a year in the company, before leaving.

11. Rikishi – 425lbs

Rikishi WWE

Rikishi took his time to find his perfect spot in WWE, but did go on to perfect is craft as one of WWE’s best big men during the Attitude Era.

The Samoan weighed 425lbs, and used all of that frame to his advantage in his matches, even holding Intercontinental Championship gold during his time with WWE.

Rikishi’s legacy is still feld in WWE to this day, with his sons, The Usos, the reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Funnily enough, Rikishi was so large, that his son’s combined weights are less than his weight during his heaviest period in WWE.

10. Gorilla Monsoon – 440lbs

Gorilla Monsoon WWE

Gorilla Monsoon is perhaps best known to WWE fans as a commentator in the WWE during the 1980s, as well as an authority figure during the Attitude Era.

However, it’s easy to forgot that Monsoon was also a wrestler during the 60s and 70s, with WWE using the 440lbs man as a big monster heel to go up against Bruno Sammartino.

Monsoon’s weight did vary during his wrestling days, but at his heaviest, he was billed at 440lbs.

9. Vader – 450lbs

Vader WWE

When WWE fans are asked who was the best wrestler to never win the world title, Vader is often a name that comes up on that list.

The Hall of Famer, who played football before going into wrestling, was a real powerhouse during his time with WWE, and was weirdly angile for someone of his size.

At his heaviest Vader weighed 450lbs, and towards the end of his life, before his passing in 2018, he tried to slim down and get healthy with DDP Yoga, but unfortunately, it was too late.

8. One Man Gang – 450lbs

Akeem WWE

Another 450 pounder here, this time One Man Gang.

One Man Gang signed with WWE in 1988, debuting as Akeem, a wretsled who wanted to channel his “African Roots”.

The big man, at his heaviest, weighed in at 450lbs, putting him as one of the heaviest superstars in WWE history.

7. Uncle Elmer – 450lbs

Uncle Elmer WWE

WWE seemingly liked its wrestlers to weigh 450lbs, as alongside Vader and Akeem, Uncle Elmer was also at that figure.

Elmer was bought into WWE to become part of Hillbilly Jim’s family, and if it wasn’t for that, the majority of WWE fans may not remember him.

Elmer was an absolutely huge man, weighing in at 450lbs, and he was so big that he really did struggle to move around the ring very well.

6. King Kong Bundy – 458lbs

King Kong Bundy WWE

During his time with WWE, King Kong Bundy was one of the heaviest wrestlers on the roster, and in fact, remains one of the heaviest superstars of all time.

Bundy weighed in at 458lbs, and even main evented WrestleMania II in a match with Hulk Hogan, which was arguably the highlight of his WWE career.

Bundy had a match with Hillbilly Jim and four midget wrestlers, which only made him look even bigger.

5. Earthquake – 468┬álbs

Earthquake WWE

Let’s not kid ourselves here, Earthquake was one big man.

WWE had no qualms about using Earthquake’s weight in storylines, with the 468lbs man splashing Hulk Hogan during a storyline, which WWE said broken Hogan’s ribs.

At his heaviest, Earthquake weighed in at 468lbs, making him easily one of the five heaviest WWE Superstars in history.

4. Viscera – 500lbs

Viscera WWE

Whether he was King Mable, Big Daddy V, or Viscera, Nelson Frazier Jr was one big dude.

At his heaviest, Viscera weighed in at a stagering 500lbs, and is commonly brought up when discussing the biggest/heaviest wrestlers to ever work for the WWE.

3. Big Show – 537lbs

Big Show WWE

Coming in as the ninth heaviest superstar in WWE history is The Big Show, who is going to be one of the most recognisable names on this list.

At a stage, WWE billed Show as the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’, and to be honest, it’s hard to argue that they were wrong.

The former WWE Champion, at his heaviest, weighed a staggering 537lbs. He did average at around 441lbs during his entire run, but at his heaviest, he weighed a lot more.

Like Mark Henry, Show has taken his health as a priority and has now slimed down massively, which you can read more about by clicking here.

2. Andre The Giant – 540lbs

Big Show was brought into WCW as ‘The Giant’, the storyline son of Andre The Giant.

And it is Show’s kayfabe father who was the heavier of the two, at his biggest, weighing in at a staggering 540lbs.

Andre stood at over 7ft 3″, and is one of the biggest and heaviest WWE Superstars to ever step inside the ring.

WWE used Andre’s size to their advantage, positioning him as the top heel for several years, going up against Hulk Hogan.

Just using your eyes, you can clearly see that Andre is one of the biggest WWE Superstars ever, and the numbers sure back that up.

1. Yokozuna – 600lbs

Yokozuna WWE

Weighing in at 60lbs more than Andre The Giant, Yokozuna is the heaviest WWE star of all time, weighing in at 600lbs.

For context, that puts Yokozuna at over 280kg and over 42stone during his heaviest period in WWE, proving just how heavy the former World Champion was.

WWE actually fired Yokozuna due to health concerns, and he went on to put on even more weight, supposedly weighing in at 760lbs.

Yokozuna unfortunately passed away at the young ae of 34.

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