Woman secretly records creepy man at gym repeatedly staring at her

TikTok influencer calls for women only gyms

A TikTok influencer has advocated for women-only gyms, after secretly recording a creepy man repeatedly staring at her while she was training. 

Beck Vassey posted video footage of the man on her TikTok account and the clip now has more than three million views. 

What happened? 

In the video, Vassey showcases multiple occasions where she is in the gym and the man continually stares at her –– clearly making her extremely uncomfortable. 

She captions the post by stressing that some men claim the idea of female-only gyms is sexist, before using the video to emphasise why so many women feel the need for such facilities to exist. 

Vassey also revealed that the man in question had supposedly been doing the same thing to other women over an extended period of time and had now been banned.

“He had been doing this to multiple women in the gym over the span of a couple of months. I recorded these videos to show the staff –– he lost his membership.” 


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Fans call for women-only gyms

The video has now received more than 6,000 comments and many fans have echoed Vassey’s calls for female-only gyms. 

One wrote: “If there were all-female gyms, I would actually go to the gym. It’s men that keep me from wanting to go, so I work out at home. Women empower women.” 

Similarly, another said: “I stopped going to the gym because of stuff like this. We don’t have a women-only gym near me.” 

Others also condemned the man in question for his actions. 

“Dude! What’s his problem,” said one. 

A second put: “He isn’t even trying to be subtle. He’s been doing this for a very long time. He’s way too comfortable.” 

More gym-related incidents

Vassey’s video is one of many to circulate of late, highlighting how threatened many women feel at the gym. 

An Australian woman was abused in the street recently because someone said she was wearing inappropriate clothing. 

And earlier this year, an American woman criticised a gym for allowing an employee to access her membership details and leave her a weird voicemail.

Emily Telesca, a US marine vet also shared footage of a man who threatened to hit her with a dumbbell.

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