WWE: Ric Flair, aged 73, drops in-ring training video

Ric Flair WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has released a video of himself training onto Twitter this weekend.

Flair has not wrestled a match since losing to Sting in TNA back in 2011, but is seemingly working out in the ring again.

There was a lot of chatter that Flair wanted to return to the ring last year, despite turning 74 next year, and he’s been training for it.

Flair posted a clip onto Twitter of him working out in the ring with Jay Lethal, with the wrestling icon even taking some bumps.

There’s no denying that Flair, who is regarded as one of the best wrestlers ever, is much much slower than he was during his prime.

However, considering he’s had serious health issues over the years, and is now 73 years of age, that isn’t too surprising.

Flair was even fighting for his life in a coma in both 2017 and 2019, which had led to many fans praying that he never steps into the ring again, for the sake of his own life.

It’s worth noting that no one is reporting that Flair, who is the father of Charlotte Flair, is preparing to step back into the ring for a final match, 11 years after his last.

However, as noted, Flair has spoken about wanting to get back into the ring, so it could be something that he’s been thinking about more now that he’s been training.

Despite that, it seems like his session with Lethal may have just been a one-off, as Flair is currently not working for a promotion right now, so a match does seem off the cards.

Ric actually left WWE in August of last year, and was rumoured to be joining AEW, but that didn’t end up happening.

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