Tower of Fantasy Tier List 2022: Where Do the Characters Rank?

Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Tower of Fantasy entered the Closed Beta Test for the game on Monday April 18th, but based on the CBT and Chinese version of the title, what are the best characters in ToF in 2022?

The game was originally released for audiences in the East back in December 2021, but there are a ton of gamers who access that version of the game among Western audiences and have been playing for some time.

Whilst the list might change following the official release of the game globally later in 2022, we have a good indication of what characters are best to use based on opinion amongst the player base right now.

Here’s everything you need to know about the community-based tier list for Tower of Fantasy as of writing in April 2022.

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Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta

Tower of Fantasy Tier List

Gacha gaming YouTuber and long time player of Tower of Fantasy (again the Eastern version of the game) Holiest posted a video giving his tier list rankings, based on “looks, strength and fun” in the game, and they are as follows:


  • King (SSR) – The brash attitude and flamboyant clothes are both indicators of his strong personality. Used to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence. Completely motivated by money, too.

S Tier

  • Cobalt B (SSR)
  • Meryl (SSR) – Senior Executor for Hykros who excelled in the most dangerous missions thanks to outstanding sword-fighting and combat skills. Keeps her distance from everyone and hides her feelings to herself, but that doesn’t mean she is emotionless.
  • Samir (SSR) – A laidback free-spirit, but a top gunslinger even among elite Executors. Often plays jokes and pranks on others for fun.

A Tier

  • Cocoritter (SSR) – Her unconditional trust in everyone is a concern sometimes. But existing with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing talent.
  • Karasuma (SSR)
  • Claudia (SSR)
  • Xi (SR)

B Tier

  • Huma (SSR)
  • Zero (SSR) – Computer genius who appears to be 15 in age. He has deliberately destroyed all records of his real name and other pertinent info. Witty, very competitive and prideful, ignores anything he sees as meaningless to him.
  • Hane (SSR)

C Tier

  • Bai Ling (SR)
  • Peppa (SR)
  • Shiro (SSR) – Talking about the sea is practically the only way to have a conversation with this laser-focused scientist. She altered a key gear on a desalination device into a defensive weapon that’s tough and resilient.

D Tier

  • Hilda (SR)
  • Manaka (SR)

Character descriptions from the official Tower of Fantasy website.

Tower of Fantasy Events

New Characters

There will undoubtedly be even more characters added to the game once the full global release of the game comes out later in 2022.

Hotta Studios are hoping that the game will be a genuine rival to the likes of Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, so they will need to be consistently bringing out new content to keep the player base engaged and grinding.

Genshin is still considered the holy grail of gacha gaming, but Tower of Fantasy could genuinely put a dent in the world of gacha titles amongst Western audiences if supported correctly!

We will update this page and Tier List for Tower of Fantasy as more players get their hands on the game and produce their own rankings.

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Tower of Fantasy

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