Edge, Triple H, Randy Savage: The best weddings in WWE history

  • Ash Rose

As WWE fans, we’re suckers for a good old fashion wrestling wedding. 

From Macho and Liz to Triple H at the wedding chapel, WWE weddings have been the home for some of the most memorable moments in the company’s history.

So fresh off of last night’s double nuptials on Monday Night Raw, that saw Tamina and Akira Tozawa and Reggie and Dana Brooke share a ceremony, GiveMeSport looks back at best weddings we’ve ever seen in WWE…  

Rusev and Lana 

August 2016

The long-time on and off-screen couple were major heels going into this segment, where Lana – Russian accent and all – and Rusev ‘redeclared’ their wedding vows on Monday Night Raw – much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance. 

Thankfully Roman Reigns gate-crashed proceedings, seeing the ceremony as the perfect opportunity to challenge the Bulgarian Brute for his United States Championship at SummerSlam. Challenge declined, Reigns proceeded to toast to the couple by attacking the champ and sending Lana headfirst into one of the many cakes that had been conveniently laid out on the table. 

It wouldn’t be the last time we saw Lana donned in wedding regalia either, three years later she’d ‘wed’ Bobby Lashley in even more baffling segment that saw WWE hint at a relationship between Lana and a returning Liv Morgan. One which was never followed up on, either. 

Indie Hartwell and Dexter Lumis 

September 2021

A rare occurrence from a WWE wedding, was this ceremony from 2021 as ‘Index’ tied the knot without any inference from an outside party – though it didn’t make it any less bonkers. The unlikely couple had been entertaining the WWE fans with their story for months, and even managed to win over Hartwell’s TV ‘parents’ Johnny Gargano and Candice La Rae.

The icing on the cake to this heart-warming coming together, came as Lumis was asked if would take Indie to be his wife. Muttering the words ‘I do’ it would be the first time the mysterious superstar had spoken during his entire NXT run. Leading to a huge pop from the wedding guests in attendance and the fans inside the Performance Center. 

Edge and Vickie Guerrero 

July 2008 

Edge has been no stranger to the ladies in WWE, but perhaps his most unlikely future wife came in the guise of Vickie Guerrero. At the time Guerrero was SmackDown GM and Edge the brand’s World Champ, and to keep his place at the top of the table, the Rated R Superstar started a ‘relationship’ with Vickie and formed La Familia. 

Things progressed quickly and the pair engagement led to a ceremony on SmackDown that would seal their reign over the blue brand. However, an interruption from Triple H – no stranger to weddings himself – would reveal Edge’s true intentions by showing a video of him playing away with wedding planner Alicia Fox. Thus ending the pair’s reign at the top and leaving Guerrero a screaming wreck in the middle of the ring. 

Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee 

July 2012

On the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw, Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee were set to marry after a roller-coaster of a relationship. Since blaming Lee for his eighteen-second loss to Sheamus at WrestleMania, Bryan had broken up with AJ, only for them to reunite during a love triangle feud that summer with Lee’s future real-life husband CM Punk.

It seemed though the pair had finally settled their differences ahead of their big wedding, and Lee’s mimicking ‘Yes’ chants during the vows were seen as her making a point of becoming Mrs. Daniel Bryan in front of Reverend Slick. However, we soon learned what she was actually accepting was the role of Raw’s new General Manager – as announced by an interrupting Vince McMahon – hell bent on making Bryan’s life a misery with her at the helm. 

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 

February 2002

Just weeks after Triple H had returned as a triumphant baby face following his quad injury, Stephanie returned to his side, still in heel mode, and the pair would ‘renew’ their vows with ceremony on Raw – with Steph even tricking Trips into thinking she was pregnant. 

Luckily, Triple H got wise the scheme and used the ceremony to end his relationship with Stephanie by screaming ‘We are through’ into the face of the billion-dollar princess, before hitting Vince and crashing the set. The image of an enraged Stephanie screaming at her former husband as he walked back down the isle has become one the most iconic images of that era. 

Kane and Lita

August 2004 

A wedding and a story as bonkers as it gets. Despite being with Matt Hardy, Lita fell ‘pregnant’ after being abducted by the Big Red Machine, Kane. Then, after Matt’s failure to beat Kane, Lita was forced to marry her baby daddy in bizarre ceremony on Raw. 

Kane wore white, Lita wore black and although Hardy tried his darndest to stop the wedding from taking place, he was put through a table and the pair ended up officially tying the knot. It was even sealed with the most awkward looking kiss you’ll ever likely to see on WWE TV. 

Edge and Lita

June 2005 

Edge’s first dalliance with a wrestling wedding came during his red-hot pairing with Lita – who was his real-life girlfriend at the time. Although still technically ‘married’ to Kane, the couple went ahead with their ceremony on Raw, with Lita wearing the most revealing of wedding gowns – even for mid 2000’s WWE. 

Alas, though the wedding wasn’t meant to be and was ruined by an interference from her former hubbie. Appearing from beneath the ring, Kane would bring a halt to proceedings by attacking the groom and eventually tombstoning the unfortunate priest. 

Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo 

September 2002 

Billed as a ‘commitment ceremony’ rather than a wedding, WWE leamed heavily to the relationship between Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo to the point where the pair would agree to be tag team partners for life, even adding the eccentric Rico to fuel the obvious innuendos to their act. However, the segment is best remembered for a classic performance from Eric Bischoff during the height of the Raw and SmackDown rivalry. 

Dressed as a frail and doddery officiant, Bischoff would reveal himself just as the words ‘three minutes’ left his lips. A cue for him to rip off the face mask and his cronies 3 Minute Warning to gate-crash the wedding and lay waste to the two grooms. 

Test and Stephanie McMahon 

November 1999 

Possibly the most famous wedding of them all, and one that is pivotal in the history of WWE and it’s narrative. After escaping the clutches of The Undertaker, a fresh-faced Stephanie McMahon began dating Test, who had proved himself to be a suitable suitor by defeating Shane McMahon and being ‘allowed’ to marry into the family. 

The wedding though wasn’t meant to be, thanks to a sensational reveal from Triple H. The Game interrupted the ceremony and directed all eyes to a video on the Titantron. It showed a clearly drugged Stephanie being driven to a drive-through wedding chapel in Las Vegas, where she and Triple H were legally married – complete with Trips giving the comedy responses in Stephanie’s voice. 

The wedding sent shockwaves through WWE, and within weeks Stephanie fully turned to the dark side when she turned heel on her father and the McMahon-Helmsley era was born. 

Macho Man Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth 

August 1991

The original WWE wedding and the only ceremony to main event a PPV. In the closing segment of SummerSlam 1991, Macho Man Randy Savage finally tied the knot with the first lady of wrestling Miss Elizabeth in an uninterrupted wedding that was dubbed ‘the match made in heaven’ – while the main event pitting Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior vs. Sargent Slaughter and his cronies was called ‘the match made in hell’. The pair had reunited following an emotional reunion at WrestleMania VII and signed off the night in a joyous and emotional ceremony in front of the sold-out crowd in Madison Square Garden. 

 Unfortunately, things didn’t work out quite as well at the reception. Where among Savage and Elizabeth’s wedding gifts was a live snake, which came in tandem with attack on Macho from Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts and The Undertaker. Ruining the party and kicking off a memorable programme between Savage and Jake Roberts that bought Macho Man back out of ‘retirement’. 

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