Will Nintendo Switch Sports have Boxing?

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports is coming very soon to the Nintendo Switch – but will it feature boxing?

Nintendo Switch Sports is the sequel to the massively successful Wii Sports. This was certainly one of the most iconic games on the Wii, and Nintendo will be desperate to replicate the brilliance of the game alongside its sheer popularity.

The title is set to release at the end of this month on Friday the 29th of April, with fans eagerly waiting since they first announced this during the first Nintendo Direct event of 2022. Although it is a product of Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports is a completely separate title that will include all new sports – with some fan favourites returning.

This has got some fans sweating already without having even picked up a controller, as they’re scared their favourite sport will not be making a return.

So, with this – will Nintendo Switch Sports have boxing?

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Will Nintendo Switch Sports have boxing?

Nintendo Switch Sports 2

In short – no, Nintendo Switch Sports will not have boxing.

Just as it didn’t make it into Wii Sports Resort – boxing will also not be making the step onto the switch in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Boxing was one of the less popular modes for many on the original game, so it isn’t really too much of a surprise to see it left out of the newest instalment.

Baseball is the other title from the original game that won’t be making a return, which is an odd omission considering its vast popularity not only in-game but also all over Japan.

So which sports have actually made the cut? Find out below.

Which sports do Nintendo Switch Sports have?

Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo has confirmed the following with regards to the sports that will be available to play as part of Nintendo Switch Sports:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Chambara (Swordplay)

Two of the original favourites make a return in bowling and tennis, whilst chambara also makes a return from the Wii Sports Resort title.

This means three all new sports in soccer, volleyball and badminton will be available to play for the very first time in the new title.

So Nintendo fans! Which sport are you most looking forward to playing in the new game? Let us know!

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