Iranian Hulk labels Martyn Ford 'embarrassing' and claims 'he won't fight any other fighter'

  • Tom Ward

Iranian Hulk called Martyn Ford ’embarrassing’ and claimed ‘he won’t fight any other fighter’.

Hulk – real name Sajad Gharibi – was set to face bodybuilder rival Ford – aka the World’s Scariest Man – on April 30 at the O2 Arena in London.

It would have been both of their boxing debuts, with the pair having spent the past few months hurling insults at each other on social media.

However, the fight was cancelled over ‘mental health concerns’ after Gharibi suddenly began to cry during an interview on live television.

Since the cancellation of the fight, Ford, 39, has struggled to contain his disappointment at the postponement of the event, even sensationally accusing his rival of faking his images on Photoshop.

But Gharibi – who boasts over 1million followers on Instagram alone – hit back at Ford claiming he will never step foot in the ring after ‘hiding’ from him during a face-off.

Gharibi, 30, said via his YouTube channel: “The face-to-face was supposed to be held in Paramount Hotel.

“There were press, too. Ford was hiding behind some bodyguards, unfortunately, and didn’t show up. This is embarrassing to me.

Iranian Hulk’s real name is Sajad Gharibi

“When this happened in Dubai, I was only bothered by the thought of hurting Iranian people’s feelings and I apologised to them.

‘My family members were upset, because they didn’t see what they were expecting to see from me.

“All these made me gather spirits and become thirstier for a revenge, but the competition I’d planned for was cancelled by Ford.

“It’s not just me, he won’t fight any other fighter and this obviously means fear, to keep staying away from facing any athlete. It is truly embarrassing.”

It didn’t take long for Ford to get wind of Gharibi’s comments, which he responded to in truly hilarious fashion.

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Taking to Instagram, Ford told his million followers: “If I order a MASSIVE steak from a restaurant and the waiter delivers me a chicken wing, just because I’m hungry, doesn’t mean I’m eating something I don’t want.

“I’ll wait for the waiter to go back and get me that steak…

“And I’m STILL hungry, we just need to find a different restaurant that sells REAL food.”

Ford, who is a close friend of Eddie Hall‘s, recently revealed he feels like ’21 again’ after losing loads of weight since he started training.

He previously wrote: “Lifting big a** weights v boxing. 360lbs v 302lbs.

“October I started this journey, and like anything I’ve done in life that I’ve really wanted to do, I’ve given absolutely everything and more.

“This is by far the best and healthiest I’ve felt in years, getting back to feeling 21 again is insane.”

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