Call of Duty: Snoop Dogg is now a playable character on Warzone and Vanguard

Snoop Dogg is now a playable character on Call of Duty

Throughout the years, Snoop Dog has produced some memorable moments for his fans. 

When watching Snoop in action, you’re immediately glued to his sense of style and his ability to catch the eye of the masses. 

Now, it would appear that he has combined those traits into a new passion, Call of Duty

Snoop has previously produced voice-overs on Call of Duty: Ghosts and made his first appearance in Call of Dury Mobile earlier this month.

Last month, he joined the FaZe clan, who are well known for producing content for all things Call of Duty.

Also, in 2019, Snoop hosted the Gangsta Gaming League which featured Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It’s no secret that Snoop has a real passion for the Call of Duty, and it was only a matter of time before he made an appearance.

Ahead of 4/20, Snoop has finally been announced in Call of Duty Vanguard and free-to-play Call Of Duty: Warzone. 

The bundle will cost 2400 points, which is £16.79 in real money. When paying for the bundle, fans will get to play as Snoop Dog.

You will also receive the Bong Ripper sniper rifle, West Coast Bling assault rifle, and The Shiznit submachine gun.

On top of that, fans will also get three moves showing off Snoop’s signature cool. Tactical Toke where Snoop will shoot before taking a toke on his “cigar”, a finishing move called Finishizzle Movizzle, and Hit This, Fam where Snoop takes an enemy’s weapon before kindly offering the foe his “cigar”.

For fans opting to spend their own money on the bundle, there is a lot that the bundle has to offer.

If you are a fan of Snoop Dog and Call of Duty, then there is no doubt that this new bundle is for you. In recent times, the game has received a lot of negativity.

However, the producers will be hoping to make amends with the new bundle.

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