Usain Bolt absolutely tore up mixed 4x100m relay with win at 2017 meet

  • Kobe Tong
Bolt leads mixed 4x100m relay.

Usain Bolt has dominated pretty much every sprinting challenge that has been put in front of him.

The Olympic legend is the fastest human being in recorded history and it’s anybody’s guess as to when his world records in the 100 metres (9.58) and 200 metres (19.19) will ever be broken.

However, what sometimes slips under the radar are the times that Bolt tried his hands at different distances in more light-hearted meets where he would try to further enhance his legacy.

Bolt’s incredible legacy

Whether that’s running the fastest 150-metre race in history or falling narrowly short of the 300-metre world record, Bolt isn’t afraid to take on challenges outside of his comfort zone.

And that most certainly applies to relays, too, with the time of 36.84 seconds that the Jamaican men’s team ran at the 2012 Olympics remaining the fastest clocking ever recorded.

Bolt brought the baton home in scintillating fashion alongside Nesta Carter, Michael Frater and Yohan Blake for a record that no quartet has gotten within 0.2 seconds of.

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Bolt shines in mixed 4x100m relay

However, Bolt’s relay exploits don’t end there as he participated in a mixed 4x100m event with his compatriot Asafa Powell, as well as Jenna Prandini and Jeneba Tarmoh, during his final season.

At a Nitro Athletics event in Melbourne in early 2017, the wonderful moment that Bolt combined with two incredibly quick women, along with an evergreen Powell, was fabulous to see.

Mixed relays have become more of a fixture in athletics over recent years with the 4x400m version even becoming an official Olympic event with men and women competing alongside each other.

And the performance of Bolt’s all-stars on that gripping night in Australia is still one of the highest-quality examples that we’ve seen of the format with the Jamaican’s team storming to a victory.

It truly is a unique and exciting foray in Bolt’s career with both himself, Powell, Prandini and Tarmoh producing a fantastic sequence of sprints that you can check out down below (skip to 0:24):

Just look at Bolt go. What we’d pay him to come back to athletics.

A great performance all round

While Powell has passed on the baton to Bolt on more than a few occasions throughout their career, it must have been a special moment for Prandini and Tarmoh to share a team with him.

And make no mistake that each member of the quartet put in a fantastic 100-metre sprint with the two female athletes building upon Powell and Bolt’s bursts for electrifying runs themselves.

Whether or not the mixed 4x100m relay ever becomes an Olympic fixture too remains to be seen, but there’s no denying that Bolt’s attempt at the event will always be remembered fondly.

Bolt running mixed 4x100m relay.
Jamaica’s Olympic champion Usain Bolt runs during the second night of the Nitro Athletics series at the Lakeside Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, February 9, 2017. REUTERS/Hamish Blair
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