Tower of Fantasy CBT Review: Players Give Their First Impression

Tower of Fantasy

The Tower of Fantasy Global Closed Beta began on Monday and players have been giving their initial thoughts following the first few days of game time.

Tower of Fantasy has been a much-awaited title for players in western parts of the world, as up until now the game has only been available to players in Asia.

With such a huge amount of hype ahead of the CBT, it’s interesting to see how gamers that have access to ToF have been reacting thus far to the rerolls, comparisons to Genshin Impact and gameplay?

Here are some of the reactions from players so far with regards to the Tower of Fantasy CBT that began on Monday 18th April 2022.

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Tower of Fantasy Closed Beta

Tower of Fantasy Review

Redditors on the r/gachagaming subreddit have been discussing the CBT for the game since launch, and many seem to be enjoying their early time with the title despite it needing some refinement.

One thread had a good overview of the game so far, with the author writing: “I’m enjoying the game world so far. The touch of sci-fi/steampunk is a lot more appealing to me than the general fantasy works of Genshin. 

“The graphics are nice and crisp but there’s still lots of voice acting missing. Text that appears on screen often disappears before you get a chance to read it. Seems like this game still needs quite a bit of work. 

“The overall gameplay seems kinda boring tbh. So far after 3 hours, it seems like a collection simulator. There are like a billion things scattered around the map that you need to pick up or collect in order to 100% the map. People with OCD gonna be triggered AF. Most of the things that need collecting require some kind of puzzle-solving element like jumping puzzles or using the proper element to unlock something etc. It gets tiring super fast.”

Other players would agree with the gameplay elements needing a lot of work, with another gamer writing: “The models and textures are nice but the animations and movement feels really janky and stiff to me.”

Tower of Fantasy

Genshin Impact Competitor

There is some hope amongst some gacha players that the developers will be able to make enough substantial changes to the game that it could differentiate itself from Genshin Impact but still remain a competitor to the biggest gacha title going.

One Redditor noted: “That one commenter stating that the game has a multi-weapon combat system reminds me of the latest Devil May Cry game, and I think that’s something that the devs should focus on. 

“With many weapons to choose from, that should allow a myriad of gameplay styles for players. That said, it’s too bad that this combat system is still clunky. If polished, that could allow ToF to make its own identity versus Genshin.”

Of course, the game right now is still in the Beta stage. Having played through some of the title, I can see why players are having issues with the controls and gameplay overall, but this may be something that Hotta Studios can refine before the RPG gets the full global launch later in 2022.

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