Nate Diaz unleashes expletive-laden rant on Twitter over the UFC’s new NFT range

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UFC star Nate Diaz has gone on a furious rant against the promotion by accusing them of mistreating him and his brother Nick Diaz.

Throughout the course of UFC history we’ve seen more than a few unique figures pop up across all available weight classes. Alas, while they may all be quite extraordinary in their own right, few are as beloved as Nate Diaz.

The Stockton king’s two-fight series with Conor McGregor in 2016 took him from a fan favourite to a worldwide sensation. While both the UFC and Diaz were unable to capitalise on that momentum in the three years following the rematch, it still served as an incredible story for a man who simply doesn’t know when to give up.

At every available opportunity we hear Nate proclaim that he is part of the ‘Nick Diaz army’ and given just how close they are, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which they don’t back each other up.

Unfortunately, as we’ve alluded to, Nate Diaz hasn’t always been on the same page as the UFC – even after being given a shot at top welterweight contender Leon Edwards last summer.

It’s an unofficial rivalry as old as time and in the latest chapter of their story, the 37-year-old took to social media and unloaded on the company for using the Diaz brothers as a way to make money through NFTs.

“It’s s*** like this why I need to get the f*** out of the sorry ass UFC. Didn’t you guys suspend nick for 5 years and fine me hella money for a vape pen?! Now you’re reaping the benefits. I hope nobody buys this bulls***”

The future of Nate Diaz

There’s just one fight remaining on Diaz’s contract and even though Dana White may be confident in his ability to re-sign him, the veteran doesn’t appear to be quite as willing.

A trilogy fight with Conor McGregor or a long-awaited Dustin Poirier battle could be on the cards but either way, we’d say there’s a good chance Diaz will explore the open market by the end of the year.

Who knows, maybe boxing could be in his future after all.

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