N-INNOCENCE (JP) Review: Players Give Their First Impressions


N-INNOCENCE has finally been released in Japan, but gamers in Western territories have managed to get their hands on the game (and we won’t say how but it rhymes with Tee See Glen).

The game is an action-RPG title developed by ASOBIMO and it looks to become another stalwart in the pantheon of gacha gaming releases.

With titles such as Genshin Impact, Epic Seven, Arknight and Fate/Grand Order to go up against, early impressions are extremely important!

Here are the early impressions from gamers who have managed to get access to N-INNOCENCE in Japan.



A thread was started on the r/gachagaming Subreddit about the new release, with the author giving their rundown of what players can expect from the game.

They wrote: “Graphics – The graphics and art style are what stick out the most to me as they are a sort of 2.5d style in what I would compare to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, which I feel they took a lot of inspiration from gameplay and graphics wise, and it really pops out and shows high production value to me. Animations on the special ultimate moves are awesome and look really impactful as well.

“Gameplay – The gameplay is similar to a fighting game. This is an 2.5d RPG side-scroller with action fighting combat where you fight through waves of enemies in each stage til you get to a final boss stage.

“The fighting consists of juggling enemies between combos with the 3 characters you can bring into battle by using your finger to tap, flick, and slide, while also being able to bring another player’s character to support you with a quick attack to keep the combo going. There is also an auto function that will automatically attack for you but not use skills or switch characters so you can do this manually during auto.”


Region Lock

The general consensus for the game appears to be that the combat and character designs work well, but with the game being region-locked, it is difficult to get a solid experience.

One Redditor revealed: “My problem with the game isn’t region lock rather it’s the f*cking 12kb/s download speed I am getting before I can get into the game…when do I even get to f*cking play it…this has never happened to me before.”

Another gamer would mention how the actual gacha mechanics are what turned them off the game almost straight away: “While the gameplay is interesting and the game has great production values overall, the gacha made me nope out… 

“It’s like they took the worst aspects of Genshin and Uma Musume gachas (fragments, two types of banners, characters mixed with equipment, no shared pity/spark, requires lots of dupes) to make this abomination.”

It remains to be seen if the game will become a mainstay among gacha gaming audiences, but it will probably be some time until we see a global version of the title brought over for Western localisation.

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