Dillian Whyte hilariously mistook Tyson Fury's dad for boxing pundit Steve Bunce

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This is the hilarious moment Dillian Whyte mistook Tyson Fury‘s dad for boxing pundit Steve Bunce.

The awkward gaffe was caught live on camera as both fighters weighed in at BoxPark Wembley earlier today.

Whyte made the comical error during a live interview with Frank Warren‘s Queensberry Promotions.

Warren’s right hand man Dev Sahni asked the 34-year-old: “Biggest night of your life, biggest fight of your life; how are you feeling after facing off with Tyson Fury?”

Whyte said: “I’m good. Tyson’s the same guy I know from 18 years ago. I’m the same guy you know.

“I’m the same now as I was then. Me and him were always cool. He said a few things to me and then that sort of started this whole beef.

“But I respect him, he respects me, and we’re ready to battle tomorrow.

“We’re ready to dust-up and have it.”

WATCH: Dillian Whyte hilariously mistook John Fury for boxing pundit Steve Bunce during a live interview

Check out the video below…

Sahni added: “There was a bit of fun up there?”

Whyte replied: “We were playing around innit [sic].

“Obviously he’s taller than me anyways.

“He stood up, so I bent down, I’m not going to f****** jump am I?”

However, he failed to notice the man standing right beside him before Sahni pointed it out.

Dillian Whyte hilariously mistook John Fury for boxing pundit Steve Bunce during a live interview

Sahni continued: “Look, John’s here, look, this is quite a unique position here.”

Whyte interjected: “Who?”

Sahni added: “This is Big John Fury.”

Whyte: “Oh, I thought it was Steve Bunce.

“I thought that was Steve Bunce.”

The Body Snatcher quipped: ‘I thought it was Steve Bunce!’

Brushing off the blunder Big John praised both men for conducting themselves in a cordial, business-like fashion.

He said: “Listen, they’ve behaved like gentlemen out there. I’m sure he’s coming to bring it. You know he’s in good shape, 253lbs, he’s a big enough dude.

“But let’s see. He’s up against an extraordinary foe in Tyson Fury, my son. He’s got it to do, he knows that.

“But listen, the boys have got history, they’ve been gentlemen about it.

“What more can I say? Good luck to both men.”

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Whyte concluded: “Yeah of course, he’s going to back his son, he’s not going to come here and say anything else you know.

“Listen – me and Tyson are cool. We’ve always been cool. But I’m ready for a f****** war.

“I’m ready to go, he’s ready to go, this fight is going to be a fun fight.

“It’s going to be a good fight.”

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