Tyson Fury vs Dillian Whyte: George Foreman discusses 'biggest question mark' going into Saturday

  • Tom Ward

Boxing legend George Foreman believes there is a huge ‘question mark’ over whether Tyson Fury will be as dedicated against Dillian Whyte as he was ‘for the last three Deontay Wilder fights’.

Fury, 33, returns to action tomorrow as he defends his WBC world heavyweight title against fellow Brit Whyte, 34, at Wembley Stadium.

The Gypsy King last fought in October, beating the Bronze Bomber with a devastating 11-round knockout blow to settle the WBC world title trilogy.

But Foreman, who famously lost to Muhammad Ali in ‘the Rumble in the Jungle’ in 1974, has advised Fury not to take his eye off the ball.

The 73-year-old ring legend told FanSided: “That’s a hard thing. Once you’ve accomplished everything and you step up for a fight, especially a few days before, you ask yourself, ‘what in the world am I doing this for?’

“You have some money set aside, be the world’s heavyweight champion, do the impossible, and then there’s that one match you step in the ring and don’t know why you are doing it.

“That’s scarier than anything, and I think if (Tyson) Fury is not careful, he could be there right now.

“You can fight like I don’t know what, but when the cat isn’t in the corner, he can’t scratch [laughs].

George Foreman expects Tyson Fury to beat Dillian Whyte

“The biggest question mark going into Saturday will be if Fury was as dedicated as he was for the last three Deontay Wilder fights.

“I think it’s a great heavyweight matchup. Tyson Fury is in that place where he has conquered everything, so it’s hard to stay motivated.

“That is the worst thing in the world: getting in the ring and not knowing why you are there, but he has the ability, size, and strength to win it all with no problem.

“He just has to find the motivation to do it.”

Foreman, who insists that Fury has the advantage in every department, can’t see how he will lose the fight, adding he has ‘more ability than the other guy’.

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He added: “You get to that mountain top, and many of us don’t know what to do.

“He (Fury) has all of the physical abilities and the heart, so there is no reason he shouldn’t win, but things like mentioning retirement could be his biggest fault.

“Every fight has to be ‘I have to win’ and having that young heart. He brought that young heart to the U.S, and he beat everybody. You lose that young tiger heart; you’ll lose the fight.

“I see him (Fury) winning this one because he has more ability than the other guy (Whyte). The other guy is not the athlete and boxer that Fury is. He is just not.

“I see him (Fury) winning the fight but on points, and if the guy (Whyte) gives him one break, he will knock him out.”

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