Klopp vs Lampard: When Liverpool and Everton managers clashed

Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League

As Everton boss, Frank Lampard will return to Anfield as manager for the first time since he clashed with Jurgen Klopp on the touchline in 2020.

Lampard took his Chelsea side to Merseyside on the night that Liverpool lifted the Premier League trophy for the first ever time.

However, the Blues had their own priorities as they looked to finish in the top four.

They couldn’t prevent the champions from running out 5-3 winners in a bonkers game.

But seeing a Premier League rival beat his side as they prepared for a night of celebrations got all too much for Lampard.

After Liverpool were awarded a soft free-kick in the first half, he lost his head with Klopp and the Liverpool bench. And with no fans inside the stadium, we could, fortunately, hear every word that was said between them.

“That’s not a foul at the end,” Lampard protested. “Right, well sit down then.”

Klopp – along with his assistant Pep Ljinders – fired back.

“It’s not your job, it’s mine, to ask him [Ljinders] to sit down.”

Lampard: “No, no… if he’s going off at me then I’ll f***ing say something.”

Klopp: “Calm down… calm down… calm down.”

Lampard: “It’s not a f***ing foul. I’m not asking you. I’m not asking you, shut up man!”

Klopp: “HEY!”

Lampard: “F**k off you, as well. Only league title you’ve ever won and you’re f***ing giving it the big ‘un… f**k off!”

Lampard taking on Klopp
Lampard taking on Klopp

Klopp: “Calm down… calm down.”

Lampard: “Look, just tell them – respect… sit down.”

VIDEO: Lampard and Klopp clash on touchline

Last September, Lampard looked back at the confrontation when speaking on the High Performance Podcast and admitted he felt regret.

“Yeah, I did regret that,” he said. “And when that broke the next day – I clearly felt it as I was doing it – but when it broke the next day and a friend of mine sent it to me in the morning, I was a bit embarrassed by it.

“Because I was in the moment, but in the moment, I felt we turned up and it was the easiest day for Liverpool ever.

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“They won the league, they went goals up early in the game. And a few things happened with the bench, I’m not going to go into detail, but my feeling was, ‘I want to protect my club’.

“And I didn’t have a problem with Liverpool celebrating. Luckily enough, I’ve been there. I’ve been with Chelsea where we won the league quite early one year, and you can sit there and everything feels great.”

Liverpool FC v Chelsea FC - Premier League

Ahead of Sunday’s Merseyside Derby, Lampard was asked about the incident once again.

“It was well meaning at the time, a bit misguided from my point of view,” Lampard said.

“But I can’t preach to my players (about) staying on the right side of the line and then say it is fine for me to get it wrong. I have seen Jurgen since then and everything is fine. We all get things wrong but move on because we understand the passion of the game.”

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What is the name of the park that separates Liverpool and Everton’s famous stadiums?

But passions are set to be running high when Klopp’s Liverpool face Lampard’s Everton on Sunday.

Liverpool need a win to go back within one point of Manchester City who thrashed Watford on Saturday. Meanwhile, Everton could enter the match in the relegation zone if Burnley get at least a point earlier in the day against Wolves.

That’s forgetting the fact that it’s a Merseyside derby.

Klopp vs Lampard Part II could be very tasty indeed.

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