20 years of Randy Orton: Five fresh feuds for WWE legend

  • Ash Rose

In the twenty years Randy Orton has been a WWE Superstar, he’s racked-up some incredible rivalries. 

From his era-defining battles with John Cena, and his standout programmes opposite Triple H, The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt, Orton has been part of some the greatest rivalries in WWE history.

As we celebrate his two decades and list of top-drawer opponents, GiveMeSport looks at who’s next (no not him), for Randy and counts down what fresh feuds could be on the horizon for the The Viper. 


The obvious pick right now. The team of Randy and Riddle as RK-Bro has gone on longer than anyone would have predicted when the two Superstars were paired-up last Spring. Many forsaw that we’d see a WrestleMania meeting between the two popular stars, but instead they remain as unified as ever as they defended their Raw Tag Team Championships, and Orton has gone on record to admit how much fun he’s having in this current tandem. 

Yet, every good thing must come to end, and it can’t be too much longer until Randy does listen to the voices in his head, and we get a programme between the two. It seems natural that Orton would revert back to his devious best, while Riddle could continue he’s loveable babyface role opposing his former tag team partner. Although a switch in the dynamics, with Orton playing the more sympathetic role up against a ‘too big for his boots (or flip-flops)’ Riddle could be something much fresher for both. 


You naturally think that at some point in the past ten years that Randy and Roman must have been involved in a meaningful programme, but you’d be wrong my friend. Despite mixing it up in various tag team matches and several multi-person bouts, the two haven’t met in singles action since 2014 and only ever had one pay-per-view meeting – a Reigns win at SummerSlam that same year. 

Now with Roman as the bona fide head of the whole WWE table, giving him Randy Orton as his next competitor would be an feud that would benefit both. For Orton, it puts him back in a world title picture, against an opponent who’s a the very top of the game and someone he has rarely interacted with. While Reigns gets possibly the most credible challenger to his unified crown that’s left on the roster – and one that’s as over with the fans as he’s ever been. Feels like a natural fit for a huge SummerSlam match this summer if you asked us. 


Gunther’s promotion to Friday Night SmackDown has made him the go to answer for any countdown on possible opponents for WWE’s elite, but that doesn’t make the thought of Orton going toe-to-toe with the Austrian any less sweeter. 

Over the years, Orton has battled every shape, size and style in WWE and Gunther’s hard-hitting mix with hit obvious mat prowess would be just another in a long list of opponents he’s adapted to. It’s a feud that WWE should sit on, while they heat-up Gunther with some big name wins on the blue brand, but it’s one that you’d imagine Randy would relish. And given both men’s deadly personas, it would give fans a seriously good collection of matches. 


WWE are very much on the Bobby Lashley train right now and he’s another who, despite being with WWE for two lengthy stints, has never really been paired with Orton in a big-time rivalry. The pair did clash in a WWE Title match in September last year, but it was the first meeting since 2007 and was a one-off bout during Lashley’s championship reign. 

What we haven’t seen from them together is a fully fledged feud. It would require some dynamics to change, what with both men on the babyface side right now, but if Randy does eventually turn to the dark side to end his pairing with Riddle, his next stop could be one of all mighty proportions. 


What to do with Finn Balor. It seems to be WWE’s ultimate conundrum. There lies a multi-talented wrestler, who’s still super over with the fanbase, but the rug seems to be often lifted out from beneath his feet. However, would a meaningful feud on the main roster finally be the key to unlocking what most already believe is in Balor’s locker? And what better man to do it with than the wily veteran who’s looking for fresh main roster meat. 

Fresh is the key word too, because unbelievably, Randy and Finn have NEVER met in singles action in WWE. Coming out of whatever happens between Riddle and Randy, what better way of giving Orton something brand new and in the process finally having a meaningful spot for Balor, than having the two meet in what WWE could build as a rare first-ever encounter and then subsequent feud. 

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